ZOEVA Luxe Complete Brush Set Review – Face Edition

September 10, 2014 Beauty Tools

Before I got into make up (properly), I used my fingers for make up application but ever since I splashed out for the ZOEVA Complete Luxe Set – I don’t know how I survived without!

There are 15 brushes in the ZOEVA Complete Luxe set, so I thought I’d separate them into 3 posts starting with the face brushes as listed below:

  • 101 Luxe Face Definer
  • 102 Silk Finish
  • 105 Luxe Highlight
  • 126 Luxe Cheek Finish
  • 142 Concealer Buffer

ZOEVA 101 Luxe Face Definer Brush

This silky soft, handcrafted face brush turns the application of powder products into a beauty experience which you cannot get enough of.

– ZOEVA website

zoeva 101 luxe face definer brush

The medium-sized, tapered shape of the ZOEVA 101 Luxe Face Definer makes for a great powder brush, be it for contouring, applying blush or even just for setting your make up.

Its handle is 8.5cm in length and about 1.5cm wide which makes it extremely comfortable to hold, giving me total control.

zoeva 101 luxe face definer brush closeup

The fairly large bristles are remarkably soft and  fluffy, made of natural hair which picks up and deposits product really nicely.

zoeva 101 luxe face definer brush side view

I’ve been using this Luxe Face Definer as a powder brush and it navigates around the tight spots around the nose and under the eyes pretty easily.

zoeva 101 luxe face definer brush top down view

Generally speaking, I’ve found the ZOEVA Luxe Face Definer as the perfect all-rounder of a face brush.

The tapered design works beautifully with both pressed and loose powders, and I particularly love using it to set my liquid foundation.

ZOEVA 102 Silk Finish Brush

The 102 Silk Finish is a foundation brush for applying and blending foundation, powder and mineral make up.

– ZOEVA website

zoeva 102 silk finish brush

The ZOEVA 102 Silk Finish brush is crafted with vegan taklon bristles and the size of the handle is slightly fatter than the 101 Luxe Face Definer at 2cm in width.

zoeva 102 silk finish brush close up

The taklon bristles are baby’s-bum-soft so they’re not particularly great for powder make up, but perform amazingly well when applying liquid or cream products.

zoeva 102 silk finish brush closer view

The density of the bristles is an enabler for the streak-free blending and application of foundation as ZOEVA promises.zoeva 102 silk finish brush diagonal view

It’s a sturdy little brush that I love to use to buff and blend my liquid foundation but the bristles could definitely be a bit more dense for an even better experience.

ZOEVA 105 Luxe Highlight Brush

The 105 Luxe Highlight is the perfect tool for highlighting your cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow or cleavage.

– ZOEVA website

zoeva 105 luxe highlight brush

The ZOEVA 105 Luxe Highlight brush is similar to the first brush above, except this time around the bristles are a blend of natural & synthetic fibres and its handle is thinner at a little under 1.5cm in width.

zoeva 105 luxe highlight brush close up

It’s just as fluffy and soft as the 101 Luxe Face Definer and picks up product just the same.

The smaller size helps with more delicate areas of the face, making it the perfect brush for highlighter application on the cheek bones, cupid’s bow and even the bridge of my nose.

zoeva 105 luxe highlight brush close up

The tapered head forms the cutest little flame shaped brush which also makes it quite perfect for reaching into the hollows of your cheeks – perfect for contouring!

zoeva 105 luxe highlight brush alternate view

The full length of the brush from bristles to the end of the handle span 16.8cm in length, and the thinner handle makes it easy to hold and gives you full control.

ZOEVA 142 Concealer Buffer Brush

The roundly bound, handcrafted 142 Concealer Buffer brush is the ideal makeup tool to apply concealer products evenly

– ZOEVA website

zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush closer

Another taklon-bristled brush ideal for the delicate eye area with yet another thinner handle at 1cm wide. This one has been my go-to concealer brush for that very reason.

zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush

The quaint brush head makes manouvering the under eye area and around the nose a whole lot easier.

zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush closer

These bristles are soft and aren’t too stiff or scratchy, the synthetic hairs make applying creamy concealer a breeze.

zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush side view

The ZOEVA 142 Concealer Buffer brush is one of my favourites of the ZOEVA Luxe Complete Set because it doubles up as a pretty good brush for highlighting the nose bridge.

ZOEVA 126 Luxe Cheek Finish Brush

the Luxe Cheek Finish is the ZOEVA all-rounder blush tool.

– ZOEVA website

zoever 126 luxe cheek finish brush

This is the flat brush of the set with a domed brush head and it applies powdered colour cosmetics like no other that I’ve seen so far.

I’ve been using this with the Milani Baked Blush and it picks up just the right amount of product, no more – no less.

zoever 126 luxe cheek finish brush close up

Once again, the bristles are a blend of soft, natural-synthetic hair that feels amazingly comfortable on the skin.

zoever 126 luxe cheek finish brush side view

ZOEVA prides the 126 Luxe Cheek Finish as their multi-functional face brush that promises a “feathery application of blush, a sunkissed finish with bronzer or a hint of iridescent highlighter…”

zoever 126 luxe cheek finish brush front view

The ZOEVA 126 Luxe Cheek Finish brush is a definite must-have from the Luxe Complete Set. It truly is the luxurious blush brush that’s both affordable and efficient.

Of the 5 brushes from the set as detailed above, my top picks are:

[list type=”check”]

  • ZOEVA 101 Luxe Face Definer
  • ZOEVA 126 Luxe Cheek Finish
  • ZOEVA 142 Concealer Buffer


The 102 Silk Finish has been good, but if the bristles were more dense it would’ve made liquid foundation application a breeze. The ZOEVA 105 Luxe Highlighter was very close to being in my top picks but there’s something about it that doesn’t work quite right with my face.

The images of the brushes above were taken after their second wash. I’m pleased to announce that there was very little to no fallout both times and the dyed brushes did not bleed either.

Stay tuned for the Eye Edition of my ZOEVA Luxe Complete Set!


Much love,

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  • Reply sarah September 29, 2014 at 8:47 am

    hi, I am new to your blog but wow your reviews are great! thanks alot!
    I want to buy some pro brushes. I don’t have that money to buy a complete set right now.so I was wondering if you can help me to choose some of them.
    I usually apply my foundation and concealer with a beauty sponge because I have dry skin.
    so I need these brushes:
    a brush for setting powder
    a contouring and blush brush , 2 in one!! :)
    some eye brushes
    I was thinking to buy just one brush for contour and blush . between zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer and 126 Luxe Cheek Finish, which one do you recommend for this purpose?
    also please suggest some eye brushes too from Zoeva line.
    I am waiting for your opinion!

    • Reply Leann October 4, 2014 at 12:22 pm

      Hi hi Sarah! First of all, thank you for dropping by 😉 Now to the brushes! For a powder brush I’d definitely go for the Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer because of the tapered bristles and how soft it is :) it’s also fairly large and picks up just the right amount of powder but remember to tap off some of the excess if you’re using loose powder (and not pressed). To me it’s quite similar to real techniques’ Your Finish/Perfected blush brush so depending on your preference, either/or is fine :)

      And for countouring and blush, I would definitely recommend the 126 Luxe Cheek Finish :) I’ve been using this brush for blush since I got them and I can’t find any fault in them for that purpose. However, for contouring the bristles may not be dense enough which makes it hard to accurately apply countouring powder where you want it to. But if you ask me, the 126 Luxe Cheek Finish is one that I’d definitely recommend.

      As for eye brushes, the 234 smoky shader works wonders when you’re packing colours onto the lid and the 227 Luxe Soft definer is really good for blending. For the crease, I’d go for the Zoeva 228 Crease brush but the bristles are a bit stiff but you can get around that by using a lighter hand 😉

      Depending on where you are in the world, Luxola.com frequently have pretty good sales (up to 30% off) and ship pretty quickly too :) Let me know if you have other questions xx

  • Reply Ashleigh October 23, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Hi there,
    I’ve been looking into buying a quality but not ridiculously expensive make up brush set and I came across Zoeva and then found your reviews (which were extremely helpful by the way). Would you recommend the complete brush set as a whole to purchase, is it worth the money in terms of the quality that you get? or is there another brand I should be looking into?
    Thankyou so much

    • Reply Leann October 25, 2014 at 1:03 pm

      Hi Ashleigh :) I would definitely recommend getting the complete brush set, especially for make up brush noobs like myself 😀 However, it would also depend on whether or not you need everything in the set! So for example, if you don’t use eyeshadow on a regular basis, then perhaps it would be more worthwile to purchase a face set or individual brushes instead.

      Having said all that, I think Zoeva’s complete brush set is perfect for the beginner because: a) They’re affordable b) You get a well-rounded collection of brushes that cover majority of the functions in make up application :) Let me know if you have any other questions 😉 x

  • Reply sarah October 25, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Hi Lean.Thanks for your answer! you are so lovely.I definitely buy these brushes.:****

  • Leave a Reply