Celebrating Valentine’s Day Differently

February 15, 2014 Lifestyle
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Valentine’s Day has meant the same thing to me since I can remember. I’ve never really given a sh*t about Valentine’s Day, not because I’ve been spending them all alone but because some people just take it too far and ruin the occasion for others.

I just feel sorry for those guys with extremely needy girls who demand this and that to be done for them, and use Valentine’s Day to get their way (if they don’t already get it every single day they’re together).

I’m not going to go all “it should be Valentine’s Day everyday!!” on here right now, that’s not what I’m writing this post for. What I’m trying to say is – there are many girls that already expect ‘too much’ from their partners even when it’s NOT Valentine’s Day. So think about those poor guys (and girls) who need to work extra hard in the name of ‘duty’ to satisfy their demanding partners’ expectations on this Hallmark holiday.

Oh well, less about the crazies and more about my Valentine’s Day. Read until the end of this post to find a video of Lukian Wang summarise her ‘hate’ for Valentine’s Day that we share.

Valentine’s Day started off in the car on the way to work, when the boyfriend exclaimed “..quick! get me a tissue!” Startled by his suddenly raised voice, I asked him why as I reached for the glove box where we keep serviettes in case we ever needed them (they’ve come in handy a few times already). He hastily replied “because my nose!” Unconvinced, I reluctantly open the glove box to dig out a tissue for him only to find:

red valentines day present

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is just stupid and the BF is entirely with me on that one. But I still appreciate that he got me a present, even though we agreed we wouldn’t do anything.

The rest of Valentine’s Day was spent at work, updating websites, creating things in Dreamweaver, answering people’s (easily Googled) questions, eating lunch and doing work things.

I’m so glad that we’re both introverts, and we both don’t really like crowds much so it only made sense for us to have another quiet one in. We threw a couple of steaks on the barbie, and I was in charge of the veggies (the easiest part!) and ate it all watching The Butterfly Effect (2004).

This was our first Valentine’s Day together, and I look forward to spending it with Chris in the following years to come. We’re aiming towards spending Valentine’s Day in a different country every year, so hopefully we’ll start off our travels as a couple in Paris, France next year. 😛

P.s. You can find out what he got me on my Instagram 😉

The video summarising my perspective on Valentine’s Day, as promised:

Much love,

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