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May 10, 2013 Lifestyle

I was talking to a friend recently on Skype and we were conversing about life and ourselves as people (as you do), and he brought up the Myers-Briggs test which is a psychometric assessment of the way people identify with others as well as how they make decisions. I won’t be too technical about the theory behind the test because I haven’t read enough on the research to explain it adequately, rather I’ve been interested in which personality type I am.

So I took the test during our little conversation, and 72 questions later, I turned out to be an INFJ. Funnily enough, the Myers-Briggs test turned up as one of my tutorial tasks for a subject for my accounting major (22421 Managing Decisions and Control) so I took it again to see if I’d end up with the same result, which I did and that wasn’t at all surprising to me. The first time I took it, I spent a good 3 hours reading numerous articles on INFJs and my goodness was it strange to see so many people write about your personality so accurately.

INFJ stands for “Introverted iNutiuitive Feeling Judging” but please don’t ask me to explain what it means, all I know is that the Portrait of an INFJ had my personality down to a tee! I named this blog intuitive hearts after seeing ‘guided by intuition’ listed as a trait in a book full of birthday profiles which a colleague had brought into work one day. Oddly enough, the word reappears in my personality type indicator?

Basically, being an INFJ means that intuition works in my favour most of the time, however what I envision as right may not always align with what I actually see in real life which causes distress. I also feel like a cool kid to be part of the 1% of the population with this personality type! Woohoo!

So once again, I’ve come to the point where I cannot bring myself to string together proper sentences. Therefore, I will resort to using dot points to summarise the characteristics of an INFJ which I feel I can relate to. Cheers guys!

INFJ Characteristics

  • We’re goal-driven people and we will do what we can in order to attain the goals we set for ourselves. Although I can’t say I put a lot of effort into the things I know I have to do, I can say that I’m a determined individual.
  • I’m also an extremely sensitive person. When people say things that question my character, I will most likely retract myself and think about whether what they said was true or not. The other day, someone implied that I wasn’t working to the best of my abilities (supposedly as a joke) and I remember telling him straight out that he can joke about whatever the fuck he wanted, but when he questions my work ethics like that I will not tolerate it.
  • We’re altruistic people. I can’t say that I’m like this to every single person I meet, but I like to think that I will generally do whatever I can to cheer up someone close to me. I don’t really have a huge circle of friends, rather I have a handful of people who I do hold quite close to my heart. I never want these people to be sad, because I’d be really sad to see them sad.
  • We tend to bottle up our emotions. Consequently, we eventually get to a point where we feel mentally drained from all types of conflicts. This is true for me because I don’t like the idea of burdening the people around me with issues which I see as petty, or insignificant.
  • We’re idealistic. I usually have a pretty good idea of how I want things to pan out.
  • We have strong value systems which we would like to ideally see in the people we surround ourselves with. I guess it’s just that judgmental thing we also have. I know I hold pretty high expectations for other people, and each time they disappoint me, our relationship will somewhat start to chip away.

If you run a Google search on INFJs, you’ll be able to find sites upon sites that will give you an idea of what I’m like as a person. There’s nothing wrong with understanding your own personality, because that way you can only improve on your weaknesses. I personally found that the personality test I took online gave me an accurate idea of what type of person I am and it’s interesting that it’s possible to categorise someone’s personality! Anyways… enough about me.

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