Timing is everything

February 20, 2013 Lifestyle

Have you ever found yourself in situations where time is not in your favour? That you feel like you have everything in front of you but can’t impel yourself to make a decision? I know all too well.

The Catwalk in the Sky

And it may look to you
like I’m just walking
through your city with
my head held high.

But in my head, I am
not in your city.

– I Wrote This For You

One day, I will look back at these past two months and think about how ridiculous the 22 year old me was. But right now, all I feel is some sort of resentment and bitterness towards my lack of appreciation towards the people and the things I have/had. I have a lot to learn in life and I am not afraid to admit it – but right now… I wish I could find out what could have been, what would have been and what should have been if you had not left.

It’s just another stupid crush.

Much love,

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