Blog Update: Thoughts for October 2013

October 21, 2013 Lifestyle

I’ve neglected my blog for the greater part of the Spring semester of 2013, but I have a feeling that I’ll be getting back into it. I don’t know how I feel with this blog, having registered this domain name for it and all. There’s something so liberating about being able to broadcast your thoughts and emotions on the world-wide-web, and then there’s the feeling of not knowing what people might think of it (your thoughts, that is).

What I do know, is that I write my posts in a ‘dear diary’ fashion, except in moderation. I believe in information privacy (I’ve learnt so much about that this past year at university.. it’s interesting!), meaning that the topics that I delve into on this blog will seem somewhat cryptic. That’s because I don’t feel the need to disclose every single detail about the people around me on the intarwebz. Most, if not all, of my entries pertain to people that I’ve crossed paths with over the 22 years of my life (so far) and I leave these posts open-ended so people can only guess who and what I am referring to. So make all the assumptions you want while you’re on my blog :-) … Because you’ll probably never know the real story.

I’ve written the above statement assuming that most people who do come across this blog will most likely be friends/acquaintances I’ve met in the past few years.

What I have established though, is that you can learn a lot about my personality/thought process on this blog. I’m not afraid to admit that I do feel a little vulnerable, having people read on  pieces of my mind. But I know that I’ve loved writing a blog (since 2005), and I love going back and reading them to see how much I’ve changed as a person. I sat down with my boyfriend the other day; beer in one hand, and blog posts in the other. We had a good laugh about how silly I used to be, and we discussed why I had written some of the ‘darker’ posts I’d published. It was just nice.

Okay, bye! x

Much love,

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