The Psychotic Ex-Girlfriend

August 1, 2013 Lifestyle

I never thought people like this even existed.

She has got to be the most self-absorbed and hypocritical person I’ve ever encountered in my life. Yeah sure she’s had several years on the clock before I came to existence (regarding both her relationship with him AND her age) but that’s really besides the point.

The email she sent me last night that’s archived in my Gmail account will serve as a reminder that psycho ex-girlfriends really do exist. She may be almost 30, but she acts more like she’s 13 and honestly I don’t want to be associated with people that wholeheartedly believe the world revolves around them.

Bitch says I’m ‘borderline stalker’, well think about how you came across my Google+ profile. Then think about how you came across my Twitter profile, and now think about how you proceeded to flick through my Tweets which linked to my personal blog. Yeah, okay what now, stalker?

Yeah I mean it’s not cool how Chris handled the whole situation before I stepped into the picture, but what does any of this have anything to do with me? Like you so ‘eloquently said’, it’s MY Twitter, and MY blog. YOU had the audacity to tell me that I’m a stalker, then you tell me that I can’t do whatever you’re doing to me.

I’m not withholding Tweeting just because some bitch has fucking daddy issues. Why should I have to suppress my thoughts just because you’re still so interested in your ‘ex-boyfriend’s’ life.

Your way of coping with getting over an ex is to bash the shit out of him on your social media and blogspace? Is that how people YOUR age do it?

I can’t believe this shit. And I don’t know what to do with this. I can’t even tell if he actually wants to make our relationship work because he’s been so used to being dragged along the dirt by his piece of shit of an ex-girlfriend. I want to be able to put this bitch in her place (in the ‘ex files’ HAHAHA) but he’s just not showing any signs of care or whatever.

I don’t have space for people like this bitch in my life. And if Chris wants to keep on associating with this bitch, then I know I’ll have no choice but to just cut loose so I never have to be in the middle of his war against her. Bitch, I’m a human being too and I have feelings too. But I have to suppress these feelings because I care about Chris and he wants me to suppress my anger towards this bitch.

I don’t deserve this. I feel like there will always be resentment towards him because of the way he handled his past.

Do I want to be with a man who was so easily manipulated by his crazy ex-girlfriend?

Do I want to be with a man who couldn’t leave a ‘bullshit’ relationship when it got ‘serious’?

Do I really want to be with someone who will always have some sort of ‘unfinished business’ (quote crazy ex’s email) with his crazy ex who will always have some sort of leverage on him? Dude what if she can’t have kids in the future and she comes storming into our home demanding an exchange? I’m not giving up my first born for that piece of shit of a human being.

Do I want to be with anyone that just… didn’t value relationships the way I do?

I hate to question other peoples’ morals and ethics but the one thing that you should never place such low importance in is relationships. I don’t want to question other peoples’ ethics because I know I absolutely hate it when people do it to me. You don’t continue a relationship knowing that you’re not in love with the other person.

There’s so many thoughts going through my head. I’m angry, upset, and confused.

Angry at the crazy ex for even involving me in the first place, your Twitter/blog is on the internet and you don’t think people can find it by putting in some keywords into Google? And when people do find it, they’re creepy or stalkerish? It’s the internet, and that’s how it works.

Upset that she has the audacity to write me a 3000 word essay where she just casts condescension on me with everything she thought she had to say to me. Then continues to pick apart MY Twitter and blog for her own twisted entertainment.

Confused because I want this relationship to work out, but the questions outlined in this post will potentially visit my silly brain whenever they feel like it.

All I know is I’m on the way to falling head over heels in love with this man but he has extra baggage that he couldn’t just lose when he broke it off. Especially when his relationship with her was supposedly so meaningless to him.

What the fuck am I still doing here.

Much love,

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