The day I turned 24

February 19, 2015 Lifestyle
happy birthday to me, pink cupcake

Oh how time flies! I still remember 2 years ago today, on my 22nd birthday, how I decided to get back into blogging and started ‘Intuitive Hearts’ on a non-self-hosted WordPress site. I was an avid Taylor Swift fan (still am, just probably not as much), and it feels like I had a lot less problems to deal with.

This year, my birthday fell on Chinese New Year’s day so there was a lot less focus on me, and a lot more on quality family time. Which worked out better for me because I’ve always felt really awkward when there are too many pairs of eyes on me.

I started the day at the office, where only a handful of people knew about it being my birthday. It was really nothing special at all, but I don’t mind! All I did for lunch was go down to Hyde Park with two of my colleagues and we just talked about our career prospects as we picked at our lunches.

There’s something about birthdays that always put me in a reflective mood. I tend to go down memory lane and think about what I’ve achieved throughout the years, and then I’ll think about what I look to achieve in future years.

This past year, I finally graduated university with two degrees that are starting to feel more and more useless as I break into the workforce. It’s not like I regret those 5-6 years, but what if I could have done something greater than just sit in a classroom or lecture theatre 12 hours a week? Oh well. That’s a lifelong lesson that I won’t learn overnight.

This coming year, I want to focus on finding the boundaries of my comfort zone and then taking baby steps to bust out of that bubble. I want to keep writing this blog in order to keep a chronicle of the bits and bobs of my life that I’ll want to read back over in a couple of years.

But hey, who knows!? Come what may…

Much love,

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