The Calm Before The Exam Storm

June 10, 2013 Lifestyle

It is a little ironic for me to be blogging about the calm before the storm (that is the final examination period) just about two days before I sit my first exam for Autumn semester. I’ve been cramming the last few topics on business combinations for the last week or so and I’m mentally exhausted from all the numbers and journal entries. So flipping through my iPhone 4S photo reel seemed like a good idea until I felt compelled to blog about all these images before I forget all the details about them. Yeah, if I were this diligent with my studies, I’d be HD averaging everything. But alas, that is not the case…

Happy Panda and Mini Cheeseburger Macaroons from Blackflower Patisserie in Haymarket

These are the cutest macaroons I’ve seen yet, even though they weren’t exactly that great tasting. But how adorable is that panda macaroon? I was a bit iffy about trying the mini cheeseburger macaroons because it looks so convincingly like a real cheeseburger! I don’t exactly remember what they all taste like because they all kind of taste pretty similar to me. I’m not much of a macaroon appreciator… I just eat what I’m given. In this case, my sister had bought her friend and I some pastries from Blackflower Patisserie in Haymarket, extremely close to UTS but I’ve never really been until this time. It’s a dainty little cafe that I’ve walked past a couple of times, and when I was there that time, it was pretty quiet. But I’m guessing it’s because it was a weekday during class time, and it’s probably busier during the night or whatever.
The MCA at Vivid Sydney 2013

Went to see the Vivid Sydney for the first time ever with the boyfriend after work one day. This shot was taken at the MCA and it really doesn’t do the feature much justice. We didn’t really see very many of the displays, mostly because they were out of order or they weren’t turned on yet. We went pretty early… so we just ended up going to a cosy pub at The Rocks and had a bite to eat. I kind of wished we could have seen more of Vivid, but there really wasn’t too much to see. We just stood at Customs House for a good 10 minutes just watching the light display… I guess I just don’t know how to appreciate abstract art.

I was a little disappointed because I’ve wanted to go to Vivid for so many years, but year after year my ex-boyfriend would always make alternative plans and so I just never got to see it. And now that I’ve seen it, I feel a little underwhelmed? But I’m definitely going to go see it again but next time, I’ll make sure that we go later on in the evening!

Winter at South Bondi Cliffs at Sunset

This is the unfiltered, untouched photo of the sunset at South Bondi Cliffs taken with my iPhone 4S. I’m pretty impressed by the quality of the photograph… We went here after we got some ramen in our bellies after a solid study/work session at the local library and just sat there and talked until the sky grew dark. There’s something so calming about the sound of waves crashing against the rocks below us… The sight of the horizon has never failed to put me in a reflective mood, and I’m a person who thinks a lot (like over-thinking is my thing). What better place to overthink than by the sea? 😀

Rugged up for winter

Finishing this post off with a photo of myself I took in the car on the way to studying in the outside area at the UTS Law Building. I’m absolutely loving the Barry M lip paints I bought off ASOS when they had a 20% off sale a couple weeks back. This one is Barry M Lip Pain in Sunset, and i also bought Peachy Pink as inspired by The MakeUp Box’s Lip Mix: Sunday Glow which looks so much more fluoro peach than it does in real life. But that’s okay because I wouldn’t be able to pull off the look anyway.

Much love,

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