Sculptures by the Sea 2013

October 28, 2013 Lifestyle
picture frame at sculptures by the sea

Amidst the pool of assignments and presentations that I was drowning in, the boyfriend and I found some time after a productive morning to have some brunch in Bronte. After filling our bellies up with some crispy bacon (and other stuff), we followed the trail from Bronte to South Bondi to see the works of art.

It was a sunny day, and had the wind been less strong… it would have been the perfect break from all the bullsh*t that assessments had put me through. We loaded up the parking meter after brunch to allow for about an hour’s worth of risk-free parking (see: exorbitant fines that councils are collecting these days), not knowing that it would take us much more than an hour to see the sights. So the time limit we cast upon ourselves via the parking meters meant that we were only able to see a little over half of the works that Sculptures by the Sea had to offer before we powerwalked our way back to the car, fingers and toes crossed that we hadn’t received a parking ticket.

Parking limits, and breeziness aside, it was the perfect day for the coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi. The perfect backdrop to each photo were made of clouds that looked like fluffy marshmallows peppered across a clear blue sky. My idea of the perfect break from tapping away at a keyboard in the name of academia (ha!).


I don’t remember the titles of each sculpture (please forgive me!)… this crystal ball was quite popular on Instagram. See the gradient of blues in the sky behind? Ah…mazing! That ball? It’s basically sea-ception – kind of like inception, but of the sea :D.

shipwreck at sculptures by the sea

If memory serves me correct, there was also an Aussie flag just visible amongst the wreckage inside this (half a) ship. I love how that whole old & rusty look it has.. It makes me wonder what its purpose was in its past life before being a ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ (haha, lame).

bubblegum blower at sculptures by the sea 2013

I remember reading an article introducing the whole exhibition and this sculpture was the one they had used as their featured image. It’s meant to be a kid blowing a bubblegum bubble… apparently made out of steel… How is a kid meant to blow a steel bubble? I don’t know.

I have more photos where this post came from, but because I’m writing this blog at uni… I’ll wait until I get home to re-size and compress the rest. I still can’t believe my phone is capable of taking such nice photos (by my standards anyways). Sure beats the iPhone 4S camera…

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