Persistence & Consistency

November 3, 2014 Lifestyle
if you are persistent, you'll get it. If you are consistent, you'll keep it.

If you are persistent, you will get it.

If you are consistent, you will keep it.

We all have our individual goals and aspirations in this life, but it’s so easy to feel bogged down by internal and external factors.

My goal as of late is to find myself a job which will allow me to focus at least part of the work week to my own projects.

I want to find something that will nurture my curiosity and feed my hunger for knowledge.

Anyway, whatever it is that your goal is, persistence and consistency is key.

I always find that it helps to take a bit of time out of your day (even if it’s only for 10 minutes) to reflect upon your ideal outcome, and identify what you can do to achieve that outcome.

Be persistent with trial and error until you find something that you can ‘settle’ with, and then keep at it until you finally get that AHA! moment when it all clicks into place.

Stay strong, stay positive, and keep on keepin on!

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