Open letter to his psycho ex

December 14, 2014 Opinion
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First of all, I send sympathy to you as the hurt you must have endured in your life is probably what compelled you to transpose your inner hate and pain onto people you don’t know.

I don’t know what exactly brought on that hurt. Dysfunctional family? Your abortion? Self esteem issues?

To this day, I still don’t understand why you felt compelled to quote your father saying that if he and your mother argued the same way that you and Chris did, they’d still be together. Was that you validating to me your relationship with Chris?

You also smugly suggested that I thank you for ‘training’ Chris to be the best boyfriend that he can be. Really though? Ah, but I guess that’s what sociopaths do right? – you lie and manipulate for undeserved merits.

Oh and for fuck’s sake, stop lying to yourself that your relationship was all sunshine and lollipops. It was never what you made it out to be on your blog (before you started the smear campaign for Chris). It was solely a sexual relationship (and you knew it) where your narcisstic tendencies eventually took hold of your senses, and that’s when you started craving for control. Chris tried to let you down easy multiple times, but every single time he did, the crocodile tears came out and your penchant for lying to get your way always prevailed.

And then fast forward to when you found out my name, which led to you stalking me on Google+ and then Twitter, Instagram and perhaps even Facebook. You found joy in leaving me nasty comments here and there, all of which I now believe are just your meek attempts at transposing your own negativity about yourself onto me. Although, I must admit I found your comparison of  you vs me likened to Marilyn Monroe vs Amy Winehouse quite funny!

I guess I should also thank you for acknowledging my academic credentials (even though I hadn’t gotten them yet back then!), as well as my petite figure… oh and I shan’t forget how many times you reminded us that I was only 23! I’m sorry I still don’t know how old you are though, my bad! But clearly age doesn’t define maturity because you’re probably still harping on about “that scumbag ex and his cyberbullying girlfriend”.

Look, I don’t know what compelled you to validate your opinion about Chris/me with me, but it’s safe to say that those opinions in the form of vitriolic emails and your tweets and comments of disapproval say more about you than us.

Basically, you are the ‘scum of the earth’ and you are the massive waste of human life. You are the one constantly looking from validation not only from your peers, your partners, your family when you shouldn’t need that validation from anybody but yourself.

Going to the police to file for harassment based on a few Tweets I’d written about you (no, not directed @ you like you did)? I remember thinking, ‘you have got to be kidding me?’. What did you do? Take screenshots of my tweets about how immature you are or how about the one about how much of a joke your blog posts about Chris were? Boo-fucking-hoo, lady.

Oh and then you used Charlotte Dawson’s unfortunate passing as your inspiration to talk even more shit about how afraid of even logging onto your personal Facebook page. Puh-lease. I didn’t even know your surname until I had to go to the police myself for the cyber abuse you put me through.

So with all that, and with all the unsolicited advice you’ve given me I think I shall return the favour with my own piece of advice to you:

Honesty is always the best policy. Go sort your shit out, girl!

Peace out.


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Much love,

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