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January 24, 2014 Skincare
dermasukin skincare range by sukin organics

Sukin Organics has had my heart since I first discovered it early last year for various reasons. Their products are formulated without nasty chemicals, they have a strong stance on environmental ethos, their products are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals… the list goes on forever.

So whilst I was browsing Chemist Warehouse in Bondi Junction, I stumbled across the shelf with bottles and jars full of skincare labelled with the same/similar packaging Sukin Organics have. So I took a closer look at the label and was surprised to find the same Sukin Organics logo that decorate the bottles on my skincare shelf. What the heck was going on? I never heard anything about a new Sukin skincare line… so I went on to investigate after I exited the shop.

The internet wasn’t too friendly when I typed in ‘DermaSukin’ into my search engine of choice (Google, of course). Yes, there were search results with online stores already selling products from this new line but there was nothing that explained what this new line was entirely about.

After contacting Sukin Organics via their website, the helpful customer rep kindly told me that their new range was actually not meant to be on the shelves until 1 February 2014 and that this Chemist Warehouse just got a little too excited. The website for Sukin’s very own dermatologist certified skincare line should be accessible on the 3rd, and I will most likely write an update when I get my hands on all the Sukin goss. 😉

It does seem a little peculiar that they’d come out with a dermatologist certified line when they already have an existing range that caters for the ladies (and gentlemen) who have sensitive skin. I’m guessing that the new DermaSukin products are specially formulated for those who have really problematic skin?

Nonetheless, I’m excited to read reviews on how well this line does compared to the normal/sensitive ranges!

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