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September 20, 2014 Lifestyle

Ah… It’s been a while since I last published a post. A lot has happened in the past few weeks and I’d also come down with a massive bout of writer’s block too, which may explain why blog updates have been far and few.

Since my last post, I snagged a 3 month contract working as a web content administrator with a leading global insurer. It feels like I can’t seem to peel myself away from finance related employment, can i?!

I’m only a week into the contract, but all I can really say is that working in corporate wasn’t what people have made it out to be. But I guess we’ll see, in time.

Anyway, I think I’ll just sum up the past few days in the photographs I’ve accumulated because I can’t seem to string together a proper sentence right now, but really want to keep this blog updated :)

10th September 2014

huxley the cute staffy puppy

Chris’ younger sister was puppy-sitting so she brought this little cutie over for a quick visit.

We were discussing about the conditions that he was living in before her owner picked her up, and honestly all I can say is that puppy mills are a downright depressing topic.

We all agreed that if we were to get a new furry friend, we’d definitely be looking at adopting one from a shelter. It’s still so upsetting to know that there are animals out there who live in destitute conditions and live their life purely for others’ financial gains.

11th September 2014

miso butter ramen at manpuku kingsford

Chris and I went to grab a sneaky ramen at Manpuku down in Kingsford one afternoon because we hadn’t had ramen in a long time. This was the miso butter ramen :)

Every single time we go to Manpuku, we always wind up extremely full – to the point where I’d actually want to walk home from Kingsford.

Yes it makes us feel like a fat couple, but it has always been worth it. Except for when the food coma kicks in 😛 Then, we never end up doing any work in the afternoon.

12th September 2014

angry selfie

This was a squinty selfie I took in the car on the way to dinner with my best Chang and Janet friends 😛

It’d been a while since I caught up with them, but they’ve always seemed to understand me, my humour and we usually get into a lot of sh*t but luckily not this time.

We ended up at Sparrow’s Mill on Liverpool Street in the city and feasted on some yummy sundubu jjigae (순두부찌개), a Korean-style seafood and tofu stew and two KFC (Korean fried chicken LOL!) dishes.

13th September 2014

chris and I's tinder conversation

At dinner the previous night with Chang and Janet, we were talking about how some people have taken to Tinder to find the loves of their lives but none of us had actually tried the app so I downloaded it then and there.

I’ve never dated anyone I met online before and have never been a fan of the concept online dating so it was just f.cking weird to see all these people who were most likely on Tinder to find a date. But hey! Whatever works for them :)

Anyway, so I told Chris about it and he downloaded it to see Tinder for himself. Somehow we ended up tweaking our settings so we could find each other and started a silly conversation over Tinder.

… Oh the stupid things we do when we’re together 😛

flooded carpark in the lincoln kensington

This was the disgusting state of the car park of our apartment complex. All the drains were overflowing with sewerage water and it happens every single time it rains.

I honestly don’t know how such a poorly built complex would be approved for tenancy at all, but rumour has it that the construction people that built the place shoddily actually do it on purpose so they can claim damages on insurance a few years down the track. Something along those lines anyway…

Add to that the crappy lift which we’ve been trapped in several times… The doors refuse to open at times, and it would take a lot of button pressing for them to finally open up. Ugh!

14th September 2014

flower display at the ecoliving fair in randwick

We decided to check out the EcoLiving Fair that was on down at Randwick Community Centre and there were a few flower displays like the one above that welcomed us on the walk to the actual stalls.

Wish I had the eye for this level of detail! There are a few more photos of these on my personal Instagram if you want to check them out!

rae morris makeup ultimate guide beauty book

While I went to get colour matched for a new foundation, Chris sneaked off somewhere and returned with this book that I was eyeing for a while.

It has everything I need as a make up noob. Believe me, this book has basically everything you possibly need to know along with some timeless makeup looks to try out.

I’m still going through it, but there’ll definitely be a review up soon enough 😀

16th September 2014

view of sydney opera house  in circular quay

This was taken on my second day of work… Such a nice place for a morning stroll – it’s a shame that I can’t work outside the office! Otherwise, the lush green grass is where I’d be stationed at 😀

And that… my friends, is the long and windy update of my past 10 days.

I’ll be back with more beauty stuff soon, I hope!

Much love,

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