Moving Forward – May 2013

May 7, 2013 Beauty Edits

We’re already seven days into May and I’m preparing myself for what’s going to be the final stretch of this semester. Although I can’t say I’m ecstatic about studying for the three exams that I’ll have to sit starting early June, I can tell you that I’m pretty hyped for Winter break!

So besides studying (or some sort of attempt of it), I’ve been pretty loose with my financial management because of all the sales going on and whatnot. I recently bought my very first foundation ever! It happened as I strolled past the little Benefit section on the Beauty & Fragrances floor at Myer in Pitt Street. I was originally browsing for a new concealer but I don’t know why and how it happened, but I ended up going home with the following four items from Benefit Cosmetics totalling $184 (darn the pricing for these products in Australia!).


For the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, I was colour matched with Honey (I’m so money!) and I must say it gives light to medium coverage. I do like it, though I rarely wear foundation! I also bought a foundation brush because why the hell not?! Haha, it feels so weird to be painting my face, but it’s so nice to appear to have a flawless complexion!
Benefit Fake Up Concealer

The third item I bought was the Fake Up Concealer in Medium. I need to conceal those glamorous eyebags that I’ve gotten from sleeping late and waking up too early – in other words I’ve racked up a massive sleep debt which I will only have time to work on after the semester is over. Oh boy, I can’t wait to sleep in and do the things I love!

Benefit Brow Zings in Medium

I’m a noob when it comes to shaping my eyebrows, but I’ve seen those beautifully shaped eyebrows in those glossy magazines and all those beauty gurus on YouTube that I couldn’t resist but to give it a go. So the nice lady at the Benefit counter showed me how to use Benefit’s Brow Zings, and she used Medium on me even though it’s supposedly for medium brown/red heads. One of my besties have said that the mini tools included in the brow kit are rubbish, and that I’ll eventually have to buy a proper angled brush for application but since the mini tools are still new, I can still make do with them! :)

On a student budget, I really couldn’t justify paying that much on cosmetics so after I’d left the store, I was feeling a little guilty. So guilty that I felt like I had to go straight home after it as opposed to spend any more money on food. I’ve spent a lot of money these past few weeks, and that’s not even including how much I spent to get my wisdom teeth out. I think blogging about the items I buy will help me really appreciate each thing I’ve bought with my own hard-earned cash.

Other personal/non-personal things that have happened since last time I blogged:

  • I won the Sukin Skincare Mother’s Day contest on Twitter, winning mum a 3-Step essentials pack and a special mother’s day pack. Yay!!
  • Wisdom teeth are now gone, and my mouth is slowly recovering but I still can’t open my mouth wide enough to eat a burrito properly
  • I bought more make up today from Target because they’re removing the Australis line completely, so I bought some new mascara and eye shadows
  • I have bought way too many lip products recently that I’ve resorted to giving some of the less loved ones to my mum, and she loves me for it!

Chibi the happy little girl

Over & out!

xx Chibi!

Much love,

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