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April 3, 2013 Lifestyle

As previously mentioned, I recently cancelled my membership with Fitness First after being with them for 23 months. How sneaky of them to neglect to notify me that my contract was over! I’m still a bit bummed that I’ve been paying for the service which I haven’t used in a little over 3 months or so, but I have nobody else to blame but myself. I just lost track of how long I had been a member there for.

I have until the 24th of April to find a new gym to join, and I trust it won’t be too difficult with all these new (and much cheaper) gym joints popping up in the suburbs surrounding me. In the past 23 months of being with Fitness First, the best experience I had with them wasn’t even at a gym on Aussie soil. When I visited the Fitness First in Hong Kong, it was amazing. The condition of all their equipment was meticulous, there weren’t any meatheads loitering on the machines and talking to their mates about roids or whatever. The reception people were extremely welcoming, and they also offered fresh towels for their customers so we wouldn’t have to lug around a huge bath towel in our bags.

The view from the gym was absolutely breathtaking. There’s something about looking out into the horizon while you work towards a personal goal that’s just¬†that much more motivating. They also had a chill area where people could get their latest dose of fashion and tabloid news along with a self-serve drink machine. Yeah, I’m a sucker for novel details like that.

Anyways, I was getting dressed for work one morning and I had realised that my jeans hadn’t fit the way they used to. That was when I knew I needed to dust off that gym pass I’ve been keeping on my desktop for months and get back into shape. I’ve only been back two days, and my whole body is aching so bad. This is my excuse for not writing any further than this. Instead, here have some instagram photos:

girl in gym gear with motivational quote

Second day back, my body still aches

pain makes me grow

i found a nice white wall to take photos in front of ;)

Asian girl in the mirror

one selfie for the road!

Okay I’m done here.

Much love,

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