Miranda Kerr’s fan and plastic surgery

August 19, 2014 Opinion
hong yuh reum

Miranda Kerr. Her trademark dimples, her bangin’ bod, her irresistably handsome husband ex-husband, and her multi-million dollar empire.

Those are only a few of many Miranda Kerr things that people covet.

All that the South Korean model Hong Yuh Reum wanted was to look like our Aussie sweetheart, and with the help of plastic surgery, her desires became a reality.

miranda kerr and hong yuh reum

So? What do you guys think?

Apparently, she only got her eyes and nose done to look like MK, but something tells me she did more.

Besides the surgery, she also upkeeps her rendition of Miranda Kerr’s look with blue contact lenses, a lot of make up and frequent trips to the hair salon for honey-blonde hair.

She also boasts that before she went under the knife, people often mistook her for a foreigner, and when she was younger and out with her mum, people would praise her mum for having a daughter that didn’t look Korean at all.

There’s been a mixed reception on her endeavours to look more like her idol, with some Korean netizens saying she looked more like Chucky’s wife. Wait, what?

Yeah, I don’t know.

Apparently, her modelling career really took off after she had the surgery. But she also claimed that part of the reason why she did it was because she thought Miranda Kerr was underrated in South Korea. Mind-boggling.

While I, myself, wouldn’t go as far as she did to look like another human being, good on her for doing what she wanted with her face and cashing in on MK’s name at the same time.

Uh… I didn’t know what to think about this when I first read the article about it late last year.

All I want to know is what goes on in peoples’ minds when they choose to go under the knife to look like a celebrity. Is it an unhealthy obsession? Or does looking like someone else genuinely make them feel empowered as a human being?

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  • Reply Susy August 20, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Omgosh this just completely reminds me of that news article about this western male who underwent cosmetic surgery to look more ‘asian’ and got his double eyelids removed and changed his face and dyed his hair black….

    Or the other guy who got plastic surgery to look like Justin bieber….
    I really don’t understand people who change their appearance so drastically to look like a celebrity either. I always wonder.. what happens to their skin when they age!? does it age with them!? does it end up sagging? do they need botox all the time!?

    I think with this girl the only part that really looks like Miranda kerr is her eyes… but then again if she wanted to become a model or something I think it would have been better for her to just go as she was… maybe for the rest of her life she’ll just be known as ‘that korean miranda kerr lookalike’ =/

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