Marina Abramović, The Artist is Present

June 10, 2015 Online Finds

Marina Abramović is the artist behind the performance piece in the video above where she invites strangers from the crowd to sit across from her for however long they wished to.

But what she didn’t know was that her former partner, also an artist, was amongst the crowd. 

Whilst trawling Facebook the other night over an ice cold schooner of Cooopers down at the local pub (yes, beer! and yes, pub!), I came across this video that invoked many emotions that I probably won’t experience in this lifetime.

Anyway, so 1 minute 22 seconds into the video her former partner of 12 years, whom she has not seen for decades, makes an evidently emotional appearance. When they parted ways in the 70s, they decided to journey towards the middle of the Great Wall of China, each starting from opposite ends to say their final goodbyes.

Go, watch it if you haven’t already!

While I’m no art buff, and frankly don’t entirely know much about appreciating art in the theoretical sense, the emotional effect it had on me when I watched them reconnect for the first time in years was truly breathtaking. It invoked so many emotions through empathy.

But at that moment, it also opened my mind up to several questions.

What was going through each of their minds the moment she opened her eyes, expecting to share an undefined moment in silence with yet another stranger?

If this were to happen to me, of course in a more realistic setting (you know, like a coffee shop or at some fast food joint haha), I don’t know how I would react! Of course, everyone’s reactions will depend on many factors.

It was just really nice to see two long lost lovers be reunited after 40 years, especially under their circumstances. It helped viewers connect with the performance much better.

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