LUSH Lust Solid Perfume Review

November 30, 2013 Perfume
Lush solid perfume - lust

I’ve been spending a little too much time at Lush, which has resulted in an unhealthy obsession with all things Lush. I love how I always end up smelling de-lush-ious (lol) after every visit. So I picked up the Lust solid perfume so I can take Lush everywhere I go! Continue reading this Lush solid perfume review to find out more!

What Lush says it does

open tube of lust solid perfume

First of all, Lush’s solid perfumes are all vegan-friendly with solid organic jojoba oil, castor oil and candelilla wax making up the main components. Having this composition also makes it meltable, so if you don’t like it in its original packaging, my guess is that you can transfer it to any other type of packaging you fancy (e.g. lip balm pot, empty lip balm tube, anything that will keep a solid perfume really!).

The solid perfume that I own is the lust solid, which is described as a very bold scent that’s not for the ‘shy and retiring’. Although the product page on the Australian Lush website doesn’t mention it, Lust boasts a sensual floral blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and rose with a touch of vanilla and sandalwood. It is also promised to be long-lasting, and you’ll be able to experience the different notes as time goes by.

What it does for me

open lust solid perfume

I’m not usually into jasmine scents because they tend to be waaay too strong. However, Lush really did a good job creating this one because it goes on just right and the scent lingers on you for a while. I just like how you only need a touch of it to smell wonderful. After all, nobody wants to have to drench themselves in half a bottle of perfume to find that it only lasts a few hours!I’m absolutely lovin’ it! Even the boyfie is too, and he usually doesn’t care much about anything cosmetics related but we’re both loving how Lust doesn’t smell like your stock-standard chemical-laden department store perfumes. It goes on the skin a strong jasmine scent, and tames down to a sweeter but soft floral bouquet.

Cost versus Benefits

For $7.95 AUD, the Lust solid perfume is a good alternative to your everyday bottle of EDT or EDP. Why? Because you only need a smidgeon of it on your wrists (and behind your knees and maybe your ears too) to keep you smelling flirty all day.

I love the minimal packaging, and the fact that you can carry it around with you everywhere without it weighing down your handbag. However, Lush definitely doesn’t cut corners when it comes to staying true to ‘minimal packaging’ as their solid perfumes all have the Push-Pop packaging as opposed to being able to wind them up the way you do with tubed lip balms. This gets a little messy, especially if you push out more than you need so just make sure you do that carefully.

On the PLUS side

  • Floral scents that don’t offend the nose
  • You can easily throw this into your handbag without weighing it down
  • Long-lasting and stays true to its originally intended scent throughout the day
  • Better for your skin because it doesn’t dry it out like most alcohol based perfumes

On the DOWN side

  • The red tint it leaves on your skin (see image at the end of this post)
  • The push-pop style tube gets a little messy

In a nutshell

The red tint really isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t bother me too much as I rarely wear light coloured clothing. The colour is quite distinct on the skin until you rub it in:

swatch of lust solid perfume

I’d say give Lush’s solid perfumes a go if you have a sensitive nose! They’re easy to use and pretty affordable at $7.95 AUD. If you’re not a fan of florals, there’s 4 others to choose from including Breath of God, Imogen Rose, Karma and Vanillary. But you won’t know which one’s for you until you try them, so pop into a Lush store near you and check ’em out before you buy!

Much love,

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