LUSH Each Peach Massage Bar Review

December 10, 2013 Body Care Skincare
each peach massage bar

Lush never fails to impress me with every product I’ve tried and purchased. And the Each Peach Massage Bar is no exception! This buttery bar of citrusy goodness doesn’t just moisturise, but it also leaves you feeling peachy ;)!

One thing that amazes me about Lush is that many of their products serve multiple purposes. And with their variety of scented products, there’s no way you’ll want to spend another day being smelly!

lush each peach massage bar in tin

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, so bear with me as I use bullet points to summarise my love for the LUSH Each Peach Massage Bar!

Lush said…

  • This one gives you a citrus fix that will brighten up your day
  • Avocado, mango, cocoa and shea butters make for an extra nutritious and softening base
  • Persian lime, grapefruit, wild orange and mandarin essential oils are what gives this baby that citrus punch!
  • Reviving, best used in the mornings

What it does for me

  • Melts to the touch, especially in the hot Sydney Summer days
  • Leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth without feeling greasy
  • Not very peachy smelling, despite the embossed peach flower on the bar itself. And the name of course!
  • I keep it in its tin and carry it around with me to use as a hand ‘butter’
  • Who needs perfume anymore when you’ve got Lush???

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On the plus side:

  • Smells so good, I could eat it (but no don’t do that, save it for your skin!)
  • When used as a body moisturiser, a little goes a loooooong way. See next point.
  • Works its magic straight away, no waiting around for the product to sink in. Although, I find it works much quicker if you’ve exfoliated too!
  • Use a little more for perfect massage companion – no more messy spills with the standard bottle of massage oils. Even the boyfie approves!
  • No packaging! Let me hear y’all say hellll yeah for the environment 😀
  • Cruelty-free AND Vegan.

On the down side:

  • Doesn’t last a long time because it’s pretty easy to use ‘too much’, especially on warmer days

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Other ways to use it

  • Use it as a cuticle oil
  • If you’ve got really dry hands, this would be a really nourishing hand cream bar
  • Run the TINIEST bit of Each Peach on the ends of your hair to help split ends
  • Cut it up, melt it down and store it somewhere small so you can use it as a solid perfume

In a nutshell

lush each peach massage bar close up

I love the texture. I’ve already got my sights set on the Strawberry Feels one, that’s limited edition (I better act fast)! Hopefully, it’ll have the same texture as this Each Peach massage bar!

This is definitely not your average moisturiser, if I were to compare it to anything else… it’s definitely a lot more like a body butter – It’s thicker, and heavier. But a little goes a long way!

At $14.95 AUD for 65g, although still a little pricey… it’s well worth your moolah especially with the number of ways you can use it.

Much love,

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