Lush Cosmetics Collective Haul December 2013

December 7, 2013 Beauty Edits
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I can’t deny that Lush is burning a tiny hole in my pocket, but I think it’s all worth it! Following a little trip down to Lush in Bondi Junction, I picked up a few extra items that I can’t wait to trial over the next few weeks. Check out my acquisitions from Lush over the past two months below 😀

lush haullush haul

open tube of lust solid perfumesantas-lip-scrub

Things we picked up include:

  • Honey I Washed The Kids soap
  • Jungle solid conditioner
  • Solid shampoo/conditioner tin
  • Rose Jam shower gel
  • Godiva solid shampoo & conditioner
  • None of your beeswax lip balm
  • Santa’s lip scrub
  • Santa Baby lip tint
  • Lust solid perfume
  • Dream Cream (trial size)

Not pictured include Each Peach massage bar and Sea Spray to give you that beach babe look all year around! Muahaha, I don’t even want to think about how much all these products add up to because I think I might just cry (or rather my bank account will).

I’ve since kind of used all the Santa’s lip scrub (and kind of ate a bit of it too, yeah don’t judge me!). But I’ve been loving the Lust solid perfume that I’ve already reviewed here.

The thing with Lush is that they have transformed scents that are usually associated with older age groups (such as lavender in the Dream Cream, and jasmine in the Lust solid) into products that appeal to the younger generations.

I know there’s been a bit of  anti-Lush chit chat on the intarwebs because they add parabens and sulfates into their products. But I believe that they just add to the value of their products (a little longer shelf-life). I mean.. who wouldn’t want to get a little more use for their ‘Fresh Handmade’ Lush goodies, especially when they’re paying some good money for them! But to each their own… Personally, I’d tell people not to worry about it the amount of preservatives in Lush’s products because the amounts used is NOWHERE NEAR as much as those in your typical drugstore brand cosmetics.

That’s a post for another day… just keep your eyes peeled as I review the products listed above over the next few months! And trust me… this won’t be the end of my purchases! I’m hoping to see new lip tints over the next year as I heard down the grapevine that the Snow Fairy lip tint might make a reappearance in stores for Christmas in July. Fingers crossed! I want them all!

Signing off for now 😀


Much love,

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