LUSH Christmas in July 2014 Mini Haul

July 25, 2014 Beauty Edits
lush christmas in july 2014

One of several reasons why I love LUSH Cosmetics so much is because they give us a chance to celebrate special occasions with them by putting out some of the most amazing holiday themed products. As my limited edition Rose Jam shower gel was running out fast, I knew I had to drop in to Lush to get my paws on another.. STAT!

lush christmas in july products

Thanks to the boyfie, who treated me to a not-so-mini LUSH haul (we bought several other goodies that aren’t pictured!) We bought the Iced Wine Shower JellyRose Jam Shower GelSnowshowers Shower Jelly, and finally the Maple Taffy Lip Balm that I was waiting forever to try.

The Shower Jellies

As a complete shower jelly noob, I really didn’t know what to expect of these. I’ve tried (and love) the shower gels, and I don’t mind using soaps either but the prospect of rubbing a semi-solid substance in place of the former two was just weird!

They’re slippery little suckers that tend to slip between your fingers, out of your hand and straight onto the shower floor. But really, at A$6.50 per tub, it’s definitely worth a try.

I find that they don’t lather as well as Lush’s soaps and shower gels but my boyfriend actually loves these and prefers them over the shower gels so really it depends on what works for you.

Iced Wine Shower Jelly

lush iced wine shower jelly

This dangerously orange shower jelly is my preferred shower jelly of the two because the tropical fruit scent reminds me of the ice blocks I enjoy during the Summer. If you love mango and passionfruit scents, this one’s for you! The fruitiness is sweetened up a bit with grape infusion and a touch of actual ice wine.

Snowshowers Shower Jelly

lush snowshowers shower jelly

Snowshowers shower jelly resembles a block of tofu but certainly does not smell like one. This one has the boyfriend’s seal of approval, especially with the slightly creamier scent of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils.

The shower jellies aren’t really my thing, but I’m glad I gave them a go. I just hate having to chase them around the shower every time it slips through my small hands when I’m trying to lather some on my back!

Rose Jam Shower Gel

lush cosmetics rose jam shower gel

Not going to say too much here because I’ve already written about Rose Jam being one of my favourite shower gels. I was a bit bummed that this one only came in a 250g bottle at A$16.50 for Christmas in July, so getting two bottles would’ve burnt a tiny hole in my wallet.

Rose Jam carries a delightful rose scent that blends in so well with the tart notes of Sicilian lemon. Seriously though, I effing love this shower gel so much but being a limited edition product, I’ll probably have to opt for the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (which carries the same scent) when my new bottle runs out.

Maple Taffy Lip Balm

lush cosmetics maple taffy lip balm

Speaking as a lip balm junkie, this melty vegan lip balm was the one product I anticipated most from Christmas in July. I found that the extra virgin coconut oil base set the scent back a little because the coconut is quite overpowering. But Lush have added real maple syrup into this which kept this lip balm true to its name. I still think honey trap is the best out of all their lip balms with lip service a close second!

So tell me, did you guys get a chance to grab some Christmas in July goodies this year? If so, what were your faves? :)

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