LUSH Cosmetics Australia Massage Bars 2015

May 27, 2015 Beauty Edits Body Care
lush australia massage bars 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a little bit (read: a lot) thrilled about LUSH Cosmetics’ brand new selection of delectable (no, don’t eat them!) Massage Bars.

From coffee beans to earl grey, there’s nothing more to love than these new creations that the masterminds at LUSH Cosmetics have cooked up.

LUSH introduced 7 new massage bars to their collection and I there’s always something for everyone. Thus far, I’ve only seen (and sniffed) 6 of the 7 new massage bars  but I couldn’t resist but to nab myself one at first sight.

Besides the fact that they’re packaging-free, they’re also self-preserving, meaning you need not worry about them going ‘off’ too soon before you can smother yourself (or someone else… ;)) with these pretty little things.

But anyway, let’s get to the bottom of these, shall we?

Percup Massage Bar

lush percup massage barThis one’s for the coffee junkies who want more than just a caffeine hit. Coconut and jojoba oils, together with real coffee beans help to respectively hydrate and stimulate your skin.

Just be mindful that this smells like smoky coffee beans rather than your typical milk coffee scent in most coffee flavoured cosmetics!

I also noted while checking this one out in store that there are a lot less of those coffee beans than in the photos on their website.

From Dusk Till Dawn Massage Bar

lush cosmetics from dusk till dawn massage barThis one’s for the lovers of all things citrus, or just lovers 😉 in general! Sicilian lemon, sweet wild orange oil with gingko, guarana and ginseng is the blend that will keep you up all night.

Add to that a touch of lustre to keep your skin supple and shimmery, and you’re good to go.

The lovely scents on LUSH massage bars means that you can switch out your perfumes for these. I just started doing this with my Pearl massage bar (more on that one below).

Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar

lush yes yes yes massage barThis one’s a jasmine scented massage bar that doubles up as a solid perfume.

If you’re familiar with LUSH’s flagship perfumes, then you’ll be able to pick this one out as the Lust scent that I absolutely adore.

Carry this one around if you want an on-the-go body moisturiser/solid perfume/hand cream/whatever you want it to be!

Dirty Massage Bar

lush dirty massage barAt first glance, you might assume that this massage bar will smell like a little chocolate treat but looks can be deceiving!

LUSH touts this one as a spearmint and chocolate treat, but really it smells more like the herbal Gorilla perfume, Dirty (of course).

What gives this massage bar its slight tan hue is the cocoa powder and vegan dark chocolate.

I would recommend you to go in store and check it out before you purchase it because I don’t think the scent isn’t for everybody!

Pearl Massage Bar

lush pearl massage barThis is my personal favourite! If you love the Rose Jam scent from LUSH as much as I do, this one will be a must-have.

Get ready for a beautiful floral massage brimming with rose, argan oil and sago bubbles. The pink sago bubbles on a bed of cream coloured solid massage oils look so pretty as well.

This one took a little longer to launch in stores because LUSH added a touch too many of pink sago bubbles so they had to recall it and remake them.

Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar

lush shades of earl grey massage barLove yourself a cup of earl grey tea?

Then you should probably take this one to the check out because then you can take this sweet, sophisticated earl grey and citrus scent with you wherever you go.

Revel in the richness of the melting butters as they relieve tension in your mind and body.

Lose your inhibitions and whip skin into shape with this sophisticated lemon oil and earl grey massage bar!

Tender is the Night Massage Bar

lush tender is the night massage barI’m not too fussed about this massage bar, because I find the vanilla scent a bit too sweet but you might like it!

It’s filled with romantic essential oils and LUSH recommends to share this one with someone you like!

Specially blended shea and murumu butter effortlessly glides onto skin to allow for a smooth and sensual massage.

It is also vegan, featuring organic shea butter and fair trade vanilla absolute.

You can find out more on the new range of massage bars in store or online.

I’m in love with my Pearl massage bar already and feel like LUSH should bring back their Rose Jam Lush scent permanently!

So? What do you guys think?


Much love,

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