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February 1, 2014 Lifestyle
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2013 was a year about moving on, getting over losing someone I loved, and embracing the thinker in me and turning it into something more productive. It’s almost been a year since I started blogging again and even started throwing my own beauty reviews on here, hoping that people will enjoy reading them.

One of the most important things was starting a relationship with somebody who has had his own crappy experience with relationships (very much like mine), and being able to look towards the future together as my academic life comes to end (fingers crossed) midway through this year.

Thank you 2013 for being a year of heartbreak, realisation and then happiness. And welcome 2014 – a year that will also throw me the curveballs I need to understand even more about my inner world which will give me insight to the mechanics of life.

I can’t believe it’s Feb 1st already… In 18 days, I’ll no longer have the palindromic age of 22. Sigh! Oh well, in an attempt to regain some traction in this part of my blog, here are .. umm three photos from January.

new years fireworks 2014

New Year’s Eve 2014 was spent at a friend’s place playing beer pong, eating lots of food, and just chattering on until the clock struck 12. I really do wish I had a better camera, but I keep killing my tech gadgets and having to spew up a bit to replace them. My Samsung Galaxy S4 is officially dead and I’m waiting for my Google Nexus 5 to come in the mail this week.

I honestly can’t remember too much, except for the fact that I really enjoyed spending it with C and meeting the rest of his friends (properly).

Here’s some shameless selfies after putting my face on for New Year’s. I promised myself I’d rock the bold lip more often this year!


My chosen weapon of mass destruction (of productivity). Bought myself the 13.3″ Samsung ATIV Book 9 on Australia Day while C bought a Playstation 4. The specs on this thing aren’t top of the line, i5 processor not i7 and only 128GB SSD to use. But it should suffice if I’m to use it just for writing, working and uni. I’ll always be a desktop PC kind of girl anyways!

I know, I know.. poor effort for a January summary. But I’ll be posting a lot more into the ‘life’ category because I figured out how to hide it on my homepage! (yay :D)

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