KORA Organics Review: Rejuvenating Foot Balm

December 2, 2013 Hands and Feet
kora organics rejuvenating foot balm

It’s undeniable that KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr is a on the pricier end of the skincare spectrum but it’s hard to say no to a brand that markets itself with a tagline proclaiming it to be “Miranda Kerr’s secret to her flawless skin”. Keep reading this KORA Organics review to find out more about the foot balm from the skincare line.


What KORA Organics promises

kora organics foot balm

They say its a calming foot balm that incorporates plant extracts, fatty acids (the good kinds) and essential oils to refresh, soothe and cool achey feet and heels. Its also meant to be a non-greasy and conditioning balm that leave your feet feeling refreshed and renewed. I guess as a supermodel, Miranda Kerr would have this as a staple if she’s to be be strutting her stuff all day (everyday) in heels!

What it does for me

First of all, the word ‘balm’ is often misconstrued as a greasy/oil-based ointment, but really its just a name for a substance used to heal/sooth. It works perfectly well to moisturise the feet, but I wouldn’t know if it ‘refreshed’ my feet (I’m not sure how refreshed feet feel like). Perhaps that part of the product description refers to the light peppermint scent of the product itself – which, mind you, smells pretty damn yummy!

To me, it turned back the clock for my feet and left them feeling baaaaby smooth. My feet weren’t too bad to begin with, but then my boyfriend wanted to try it too. You know how guys feet are (pretty gross, poorly taken care of etc.), and although his weren’t too bad to begin with either, his manly feet (lol) also ended up baby smooth with just a dollop of the balm!

Cost versus benefits

kora organics foot balm and packaging

Okay, at $34.95 AUD, its hardly affordable on your average student budget. Whilst browsing the aisles one day at About Life in Bondi Junction, the Tiffany-blue packaging of the balm caught my eye in a sales basket with the RRP marked down to $24.95. I honestly wouldn’t have bought it if it weren’t on sale.

As far as the benefits go, it does what its meant to do… But for the price, I’d probably keep my eyes peeled for alternatives that work just as good. I mean, you’re possibly paying a premium just because its Miranda Kerr’s brand anyway.

Generally, I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for something that’s of premium quality (this balm fits that bill), but if there were a cheaper alternative that give the same results then that’s where I’d rather spend my money. Or be on the look out for sales!

On the PLUS side

  • Light pepperminty freshness that calms weathered feet
  • Leaves your feet baby smooth! YES! IT WORKS :)
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Aussie made and owned
  • Not tested on animals (love it!)

On the DOWN side

  • The pricing across the KORA Organics range are all pretty steep :

In a nutshell

Honestly don’t think I’ll be getting this one again. Even though I like it and works well on the feet, it just doesn’t on my bank account! I’m also paranoid of paying too much for celebrity products charging exorbitant prices just because they can.

You can find it at David Jones around Australia, some whole foods grocers, Terry White Chemists and other leading pharmacies stock KORA Organics products too.


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