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November 15, 2013 Lifestyle
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The sarcasm embodied in the characters played by Chris Lilley both in Angry Boys and Summer Heights High were brilliant and let’s not forget the humourous, politically incorrectness of The Chasers either. But his newest project Private School Girl takes satire to a whole new level. Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love a little drama?

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Although we’re only four episodes in, there are already plenty of cringe-worthy scenes that illustrate the imperfect picture of Ja’mie King’s bratty character. For those who have yet to catch a glimpse of Private School Girl, it’s a six-part Australian comedy that follows a snobby 17 year old girl’s final few months in high school.

Meh! Enough about the facts, here come all my opinions. You can read up on it by searching ‘Private School Girl’ in Google, or whatever search engine you prefer. Haha it’s funny to think that had you searched for private school girl’ before this was a show… you’d probably find a myriad of porn sites instead. Anyways…

Having attended an all girls’ Catholic school in my earlier years of high school, watching Ja’mie prance around and treating people like shit was deja vu to me. Although the girls at my schoolwere nowhere near as bad as the girls at Hillford Girls Grammar, there were definitely moments where I was like “OMG that’s so true!”. So really, Chris Lilley has done his research well and translated it into Ja’mie King’s angsty teenage character with extreme accuracy.

I think Ja’mie King is that girl in school that you either love or hate. The tagline on the website says it all:

Ja’mie: Private School Girl brings back all the things we love about Ja’mie King even though we know we probably shouldn’t.

Let’s see… racism, homophobia, materialism, superficiality are just four of the many elements of what I perceive as what is wrong in the world today. Honestly, I definitely wouldn’t fare very well at the fictitious Hillford Girls Grammar especially if someone like Ja’mie is meant to be the girl that’s ‘socially in charge’. It makes me cringe every single time she has a go at the Asians because I know personally that racism transcends past verbal abuse and onto physical and emotional abuse in real life.

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The stigma behind private school girls isn’t really an unknown. When you think ‘private school girls’, you think big egos, materialism, superficiality and being spoiled rotten. But it’s just a stigma… it’s kind of like how people think all Asians are Chinese. I’ve met so many girls from private schools that are nowhere near as demonic as Ja’mie. A lot of them are completely opposite of what is portrayed as the typical private school girl. They’re driven, ambitious people that don’t take things for granted. None of this princess bullshit that Ja’mie relays to everyone around her.

Another thing about Ja’mie that makes me cringe is when she disrespects her family. To her, mum is just a maid, ‘daddy’ is a living ATM, and her sister Courtney I guess would be a metaphorical punching bag where she unleashes all her teenage angst on when nobody else is around to bully. I can’t stand the way she talks to her mum, ordering her to do things, telling her off for drinking her soft drinks, getting angry at her in public for being 3 minutes early when picking her up from school. I. Just. Can’t. I’ve never quite understood the whole ‘daddy issues’ thing, but if I were to take a wild guess… then Ja’mie’s relationship with her dad is the epitome of ‘daddy issues’.

ja'mie king private partyThe scary thing about the show is how accurately portrayed Ja’mie’s character is. Not the whole private school thing, but the way that Chris Lilley has illustrated the behaviour of today’s teenagers. When I was 17 (wow, it’s been half a decade since)… sexting wasn’t a thing, saying ‘FML’ and ‘LOL’ aloud was done sparingly or as mockery, and boys… whatever the hell were boys back then anyways? Haha!

The truth is, you take the worst personality traits from a different mean girl in the school yard and program them into one girl and voila! You have Ja’mie King.

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