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August 28, 2013 Lifestyle

the tragedy of living quote

All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water.

– Iain S. Thomas (I Wrote This For You)

I’ve been blogging for the greater part of my adolescent life for various reasons, but I won’t get into the details of how I started blogging because that can all be found in what little description there is of me in my ‘About’ page in the navigation of this blog.

However, I do want to emphasise the reasons to why i blog because it seems that there may be a misconception that I actually give a f*ck about others’ opinion of my personal blog (and its contents). In fact, I very rarely write any blog entries that are directed at anybody in particular, with a minor exception for my ex-boyfriend who sometimes still comes to mind when I’m writing a reflective post. Other times, I’ll write and publish an entry, and then decide to link it to my boyfriend because I’m horrible at explaining how I feel because my thoughts and feelings are always a tangled mess inside my head.

Sometimes I do get a little ‘Dear Diary’ with my entries, but that is exactly what a blog has meant to me for the past 8 years. My blogs have always been a place for me to practise my writing skills, and also somewhere to collect my thoughts. In my last relationship, it was also the place where my ex-boyfriend could take a peek inside my brain because he couldn’t completely understand me either. So needless to say, my previous blog contained much of the bitter and sad parts of that dead/dying relationship.

I’ve told people online and offline that none of the things I post warrant any kind of comment. Particularly the things I post on Twitter, because I basically rant there every other day that I haven’t written a blog post. Yes, it is a public twitter profile and no, you may not talk to me about any of the tweets I write because if I really wanted to talk to you about it, I’d bring it up. That, or I’d have probably forgotten what I was Tweeting about anyways.

Anyways, the reason I placed that quote in this post is because I believe there is a reason for why people do the things they do. All that you can do is to carry on with your life after removing the people that omit negative energy from your conversations, life, thoughts, etc.

You can choose to be the petty, self-absorbed sad case, or you can choose to get through the shit life throws at you and walk out the other side as a more informed and knowledgeable person.

Thank Google (my religion) for being born an optimist. 😛

Over and out,

chibi x

Much love,

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