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April 14, 2013 Beauty Edits

This isn’t really a ‘strange’ addiction, so to speak. It’s more of a surprise that I actually purchased all this in bulk. So I know it’s not much, but to a broke uni student, I’d say it’s a substantial amount of money spent on skin care!

Sukin Organics

My first Sukin Organics purchase was the facial moisturiser which I discovered as I was just browsing through Chemist Warehouse’s skin care section. I tried a dollop of the moisturiser on my hands, and I just fell in love with the vanilla x orange citrus scent. And then… my purchases got a little out of control in the following few weeks.

Sukin Organics skincare

This is my absolute new addiction.

The hand cream is amazing because it absorbs quickly into the skin. I’ve purchase far too many hand creams which stays sticky and greasy for far too long, and then I go on to touch my hair/face whatever and everything ends up sticky. This one is an absolute bargain because I got mine for free as part of the Priceline deal where if you spend over $30 on Sukin products, you receive a ‘Handbag essentials’ kit which included both the hand cream and the lip balm.

I don’t really like the lip balm because it’s far too sticky. My fringe always finds its way into my lip gloss and it makes me feel so icky when my hair is stuck to my lips. It smells just like the other products in the line though, which is why i still love it, except it sits on my bedside table as part of my sleep-time lip product collection.

The vanilla x orange scent in the body wash isn’t as strong as in the rest of the products which is a pity. However it has left my skin super, duper soft and I love it. Either it’s working really well for my skin, or it’s the placebo effect. I’ll just stick with the former reason, because… just because.

This was also the case with the shampoo and conditioner. I guess I’m just extremely used to toiletries with strong scents? Although I’ve got to say that the shampoo and conditioner don’t smell strongly of the vanilla x orange,  I’ll still, most likely, buy the bigger version next time around. I feel like my hair is so much smoother and doesn’t get dirty as quickly as it did when I was still using the Dove shampoo/conditioner combo.

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