I don’t know how I feel today

September 30, 2013 Lifestyle

I don’t know how I feel today. I just don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Well, I do and I don’t.. I blame being and INFJ for this!

I always thought it was my fault that things never panned out the way I imagined it would. But after discovering that I’m INFJ, I felt much more at peace that I’m not alone when it comes to thinking too much. I’ve always been a sensitive/emotional person, especially when it comes to the people and things that I value highly.

I feel like ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’ are inhibitors of my progress in life. It just feels like everything that goes through my head is multiplied 10 fold, to the point where I despised being able to feel at one point.

I don’t want to fall stagnant when it comes to life. I want to keep on moving on, and on, and on… until I find something that makes me feel content. I’ve always hated the idea of people who don’t care for transcending beyond the boundaries they set for themselves. ‘Settling’ as some people may call it… Although the whole ‘settling’ vs ‘feeling content’ debate is a whole other puzzle in my head that I’ll spare myself the misery of going through in this blog post.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this blogpost anymore, but I guess it just brings me back full circle…. a deduction I’ve had from the beginning and that is…

Feelings suck. 

Much love,

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