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August 25, 2013 Lifestyle


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Okay now excuse me while I document my first hater comment. Yes, I am writing this because I’ve browsed the internet for the greater part of my life and have seen many people abusing others and finally my time has come and I am finally a ‘victim’ of cyberbullying.

Please note that I am writing this in a satirical manner because that is how I perceive how people like ‘voxxura’ (as in the instagram comment screenshot above) are striving for. I, by no means, think that cyberbullying should be taken lightly… bullying in general should NEVER EVER, be tolerated – especially if it affects your well-being physically or mentally or emotionally, or all of the above. But we’ll get onto that further in this post.

I know that by writing this post, people are going to think “OMG, she’s so obviously bothered by that comment, otherwise why would she dedicate a whole blog post to it?!” (HAHAHA)

Well no, actually I’m thrilled by the fact that this random girl was sweet enough to take the time to post such an elaborate comment on my photo. I’ll admit that I was slightly taken aback at first because I’ve never really gotten comments of this sort on social media before. But then as I thought about it, I found the hilarity in it because… ONE – I didn’t know the girl, TWO – She had a stab at my boyfriend without actually knowing whether I had one and THREE – She even bothered to help me hashtag my photo (I should thank her, but her profile is on private). See below:

private instagram profile

So here’s my attempt at a structured interpretation of why people do such unproductive things.

Why do people bully?

Below is a list I’ve adapted from another of reasons why people bully:

From my understanding, the root cause of most cases of bullying fall under the umbrella of insecurity. Insecure people will constantly find reasons to make themselves better by belittling others because they feel the need to fill some sort of void in their lives. In a way, bullying is a way for a person to cope with something (which could be anything).

There are many reasons why people try and exert control over another person through verbal abuse and physical bullying or violence.

They bully because:

  • they were brought up thinking that physical violence is acceptable, and even glorified (e.g. the World Wrestling Federation who endorse violence as a form of entertainment)
  • the place where bullying takes place doesn’t have some sort of rules that condemn bullying (e.g. at school, teachers would strongly enforce the ‘hands off’ rule)
  • they want power – they want to be able to exert control over someone else’s life through the use of threats and belittlement
  • they have family issues – self explanatory!
  • they crave social recognition

Those are just a few… but it’s quite evident that they all stem from the concept of insecurity!


Anyways, I’m not bothered by this girl’s comment for several reasons.

The Instagram account only has 2 posts, with no followers and she’s not following anyone. This could mean several things, but the first reason that comes to my mind is that she made the account for the sole purpose of trolling other people’s accounts and leaving her meaningless opinions on their photos. Another reasons could just be because she’s not really a person, but she’s pretty ‘accurate’ with her choice of hashtags, so really… I doubt it’s a spambot.

I don’t even know her. Why should I be bothered by what someone else has to say about the photos I post, unless they’re actually a part of my life? TELL ME!!!

She took a stab at my boyfriend without actually knowing for sure whether I was in a relationship. Hahaha … which is kind of a cheap shot because it was more like a stab in the dark than an actual planned attack.

I love people who do things like these to make sure that I know I’m better than these people. Having these kinds of people in your life may not always be a bad thing if you can push yourself to look on the bright side. See, this girl has showed me how low some people will go for some sort of reaction. Whereas, I… have more important things to do than go from profile to profile to leave a comment on photos of people who don’t mean a thing to me.

Not to mention she’s a good 2 years older than me, so by default, you’d assume she’d be more mature about what’s appropriate and what’s not. And you’d assume she’d have better things to do than write ‘hurtful’ comments on other people’s photos!

Anyway, all in all… this comment on my instagram photo just reminded me of my boyfriend’s psycho ex-girlfriend. Which just made me laugh at all those other cheap shots she took at me because of her own insecurities.

So anyways… hi hater bye hater!

Much love,

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  • Reply rebelswithoutacause August 25, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Maybe its your Bf’s psycho ex?? Made a fake account just to shoot her mouth off? either way, pay no attention to it. No point in letting comments from random insecure people upset you. If you get offended or upset, they win,right? Shrug it off, keep your head held high. You’re better than that nonsense.

    • Reply intuitivehearts August 28, 2013 at 5:10 pm

      You’re right! I think some people are just too arrogant for their own good. Before they point their fingers, they should probably check if their hands are clean. Basing their statements off assumptions will get them nowhere, and others will presumably be able to see the idiocy in that kind of behaviour.

      Thank you for the support! :3 I didn’t think people besides my twitter followers would read my blog because most of them are just close friends. :)

      • Reply rebelswithoutacause August 29, 2013 at 12:21 pm

        I found your blog when I typed something in topic search and yours showed up…I cant even remember now what topic I was searching to be honest LOL

  • Reply iamtoofree August 26, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    You don’t need to try, everything about you is absolutely beautiful. Your boyfriend has amazing taste #hottie #sexybeast #butterfliesinstomach #shoutoutstocampsie

    • Reply intuitivehearts August 28, 2013 at 5:16 pm

      You’re too sweet mister! Haha, just feels weird that a stranger could be that affected by my photo(s) on instagram that they just absolutely couldn’t leave it without leaving a comment there with their opinion.

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