Girl Crush: Cara Delevingne

August 23, 2014 Beauty Edits

Besides being a world-renowned supermodel with absolutely no trouble signing with many of the world’s greatest fashion houses, there’s a lot more to Cara Delevingne.

Oh how I love that she’s also very much a 90s kid who doesn’t give two hoots about what others think of her ‘wild child’ behaviour. Can you believe she also acts and dabbles in music too?

Not to mention the fierceness that she embodies with her trademarked, thick and unruly brows. Take a look!

cara delevingne eyebrows

How? How does one pull of the wild child look, yet still appear so ‘soft’ at the same time? Please explain.

cara delevingne portraits

If you asked me to choose a favourite photo, you’ll be waiting forever for me to find a particular one that I liked more than the other. My indecisiveness sucks.

Anyway, I could post another hundred of her photos here but I really just can’t. Google is your best friend 😉

Besides her good looks, there are a few other things that make this girl crush of mine even stronger. Check these out:

Free the Nipple

cara delevingne free the nipple

I love that she believes in the #freethenipple movement. I love that she’s for equality, and that she’s not afraid to voice her opinions on the topic.

I think too many people (read: celebrities) hold back on taking part in these kinds of movements in fear that it damages their reputation.

They’re just f*cking breasts for crying out loud! Why is it that us girls have to hide our goods to stop others from objectifying our bodies?


 Video games

She’s a game freak! Yes, she’s mostly an Xbox girl… but it still counts!

Besides being a massive Call of Duty fan,  she was also contemplating Assassin’s Creed 3 but I guess being too time-poor for games is just one of the downsides of being a model.

She goes by the gamer handle of ‘CaraDele’ on Xbox Live, but she hasn’t really signed in for ages – I’m guessing.

BTW, she’s also featured in Grand Theft Auto V as a DJ somewhere in the video game. Hmm.. time to hijack the boyf’s PS4 soon…


If you follow her on Instagram @caradelevingne, you’ll know that she often posts some rather beautiful quotes:

cara delevingne quoteHer bio on IG is but a simple line: “Don’t worry, be happy!”

Which I’m sure she has little trouble sticking by 😛

I’m a sucker for quotes that put me in a pensive mood, and her IG is a pretty good source for them if I may say so myself!


There are so many bloody reasons to love this girl. And this post somehow turned into a “why i think i live through cara” post.

But I love her most for her carefree attitude and admire her for having the courage to openly voice her opinion in this world full of ignorance and oppression.

Do you crush on Cara Delevingne? If so, what’s your favourite thing about her? :)

Much love,

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