Friendships That Last 7 Years

October 17, 2013 Lifestyle
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I’ve learnt so much in the past few years at uni, both socially and academically. I’ve met so many people who have opened my eyes to a world beyond the classroom. Prior to 2009, all I knew was the daily routine of travelling to and from school, navigating my way through the corridors each day and sitting through a class that I may or may not have taken interest in. University was mostly like a social experiment for me.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t as studious as I wish I were during my Higher School Certificate (HSC) years. BUT, I still made it to uni… and that has to count towards SOMETHING, right? I blindly enrolled into the double degree that I’m studying, and I am so lucky to actually enjoy the course.

Most of the friends I have these days are people that I’ve spent a significant amount of time with. I have a best friend, who remains my best friend even though we don’t see each other often. She’s been a friend to me since Year 7 or 8… I can barely remember anything that happened in year 7. We eventually changed schools together to escape the wrath that used to be our all girls’ Catholic school. I even remember the time we were called into the Year 7 co-ordinator’s office & spoke to the principal regarding our blog entries that mentioned how unhappy we were about being stuck at that place. Of course, we were forced to remove those posts… and go on with our lives suppressing our rights to opinion. But that was only one of the few things that make our friendship what it is right now.

Then I have two rather stupidly annoying best friends that I only started warming up to a few years into university life. They’ve been there for me, every single time that sh*t went down with my ex-boyfriend. They’re the type of people I like to be silly with, and do stupid things with. They keep me young at heart, while the rest of me continues to take up more and more responsibilities that come with adulthood.

And then there’s another two close friends I knew of before uni, but only grew closer and closer to because we studied the same courses together. Soooo many mutual friends… so many stupid people to laugh at together… and so many memories of nights of drunken fun. Laughing at the fact that we check out boys in school uniforms in back alleyways, drinking Vodka straight out of the bottle – then actually SMASHING the bottle on the pavement. Even though they may be thousands and thousands of miles away from Sydney right now, I know that we’d still be able to catch up and not feel like complete strangers.

Those are the types of friends I cherish. You know? The friendships that you don’t need to tend to every single day to maintain. They’re understanding, and will try as hard as they can to cheer you up when sh*t hits the fan. They won’t blame you for having no time for them because they know we all have different lives to lead. These are the friendships that last 7 years and beyond. <3

If by chance you guys stumble upon this blog entry, I know you’ll be able to identify yourselves. :)

Much love,

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