2013 in Retrospect: Falling in Love Again

December 1, 2013 Lifestyle
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After the fall-out between my ex and I in the months that followed, I regained my confidence as an individual and started doing the things that I loved most. But besides playing video games, surfing the internet, working and studying, I found myself falling in love again. This time with someone who has changed my perspective on life.

I think I’ve spent enough time pondering about my last relationship. For me, it was a huge chapter of my life and even though I catch myself in a spiral of ‘what-ifs’ from time to time, I know that is exactly how it will always be. I’ve left behind that part of me, and I’ve started afresh with somebody who I never even thought would consider dating me (haha).

So without further ado, and also without too much corn and cheese (corniness & cheesiness, get it? :P), this is a summary of my new relationship.

If you asked me what about him had caught my eye, honestly I wouldn’t know how to answer. All I know was that he had an interesting character, and that I just wanted to know more about him. I think I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that my interest was sparked by a silly dream one night, and we were having dinner with my family and then we forgot where we parked the car. And what a random dream that was…

But a relationship with him seemed impossible, I knew the circumstances and I stayed away. He had decided a long time ago that he wanted out of Australia to do some ‘soul-searching’ (lol). So I got to know him better just before he left… And the months that he was in Hong Kong, we talked every night online, and we always had something to talk about. It felt so weird that I missed him that much, even though I kept convincing myself that there’s nothing we could do about it.

Then one day, he announces that he was returning to the land of Kangaroos. I was in disbelief because I didn’t know what to think or do. That was also when my ex kept giving me mixed messages about getting back with me, even though I considered it a few times… I knew in the back of my mind that there is nothing I wanted more than to give my relationship with C a chance. And I don’t regret it choosing that path one bit.

Since his return, so much has happened. It feels like we’ve been going out for years, even though it’s only been half a year give or take. He’s extremely understanding, and I think we’re at a good place in our relationship at the moment (and it most likely will stay that way), because there’s no insecurity in this relationship.

So.. yeah, that’s the short version of how I fell in love again. There’s bound to be plenty more about him, but that’s it for this post. I don’t think any amount of words will be sufficient in describing it to you. Words are only words, it’s about how I feel it and.. I’m pretty crappy at describing how I feel (he would know) HAHA.


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