Examination Blues

June 20, 2013 Lifestyle

It’s 12:30AM of exam day and I’m attempting to write a blog entry with no known direction at all. So expect to be reading a jumble of random thoughts that usually manifest themselves at this time of the night. It really doesn’t help that I’m just exhausted from the amount of readings I’ve done today, none of which, I feel like I’ve absorbed adequately.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil to cram as much as I can into my brain for a few weeks now in preparation for this final examination period. I absolutely dread the day that results are released (for uni). This semester was meant to be a fresh one – but then again, we say that every single semester yet we always fall back into our own procrastinating ways. I think I have social media to blame for that.

It was meant to be a clean slate, especially after I became single again after three years. No ex-boyfriend, meant no more arguments until 4am, no excessive thinking about silly things that I’d have more time to ponder about after exams were done. But at the same time, it’s at times like these that makes me miss being able to text someone to check on how they’re going, how much material there was to cover, how they’re feeling etc. I guess it’s just nice to know that someone close to you was going through the same hell that you are, and being able to talk about it.

I absolutely cannot wait until my last exam is done. I’ll finally be able to do the things I’ve been planning to do for yonks!

High on my list is to clean my freaking room. It’s a pigsty with my whole wardrobe somewhat strewn across the floor. Then I need to find a new job, something that’s relevant and I guess with higher pay.

Since it’s Winter, I also look forward to the days I get to keep warm indoors with a hot cup of cocoa, rugged up and getting toasty near the heater, watching a movie or two.

I also need to beat my lip balm addiction somehow. I purchased 8 today, majority of them being from Hurraw! that I bought off iHerb. I can’t wait to try those babies out.

I’m signing out now, because my eyes won’t stay open any longer and my fingers are ice sticks.

Over and out,

Chibi xx

Much love,

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