Quick Review: Divine By Therese Kerr Sanitising Hand Gel

May 8, 2014 Hands and Feet
divine by therese kerr hand sanitising gel

Hi there! I’ve been meaning to get some hand sanitiser for a while now, and although they’re not ideal in terms of killing ALL the germs that find their way to our hands – they’re still lovely to keep in your handbags for when soap and water is not accessible.

First things first, and you’ll probably already know this but gel hand sanitisers should absolutely not replace hand soap and water just because manufacturers are plastering promises like “Kills 99.9999999% bacteria” onto their hand sanitiser packaging.

That being said, let’s take a look at Divine by Therese Kerr’s Sanitising Hand Gel and why I love having it in my bag.


swatch of divine by therese kerr hand sanitiser gel

The weird thing about this hand sanitiser is that there were specks of white floating in the product. If you look closely enough at the swatch, you’ll notice a speck of something white in the bottom left.

I’m usually apprehensive about unidentified floating objects in everything I let near my body but knowing that this sanitising hand gel is certified organic gives me some confidence that the floaties are just harmless particles from the natural ingredients.

The rest of it is a cloudy yellow gel with the same consistency of your average hand sanitising gel.

The Experience

I’ve tried the commercial hand sanitisers before and I find most of them dry out my hands like craaaazy, however this one leaves my hands so soft and smooth. All you need is a dollop the size of a 5c coin, and massage it into your hands whilst letting the organic ethanol kill the germs.

On the packaging, it also directs users to follow up with Divine By Therese Kerr’s moisturising lotion – which I have yet to try. therese kerr hand sanitising gel But what about the scent?

I think the lemon myrtle goes really well with the lavender to make it smell like homemade lemonade! Lemon scented products are usually a miss for me, but I actually don’t mind this one.

Honestly, I loved trying this but the $14.95 AUD price tag for 50ml just doesn’t seem too justified. It’s not all bad though, because you’re paying a premium not just for a certified organic product but also because its Aussie made and owned.. not to mention it’s not tested on animals!

Much love,

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