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November 5, 2014 Beauty Edits Skincare
delicious skin vegan skincare

There were a handful more beauty stalls at this year’s Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney and Delicious Skin’s stall really piqued my interest.

delicious skin's stall at the 2014 cruelty free festival

The lovely lady who was holding down the fort at the stall also happened to be the brains behind the business, which made the encounter all the more interesting!

The idea behind Delicious Skin is that all their products are made of beautiful, natural ingredients and are free of all those chemical nasties that are in abundance in many skincare products on the market today.

From their butter cleanser to their facial serum, there is not a single gap in their product offering when it comes to completing anybody’s skincare routine.

I’m particularly interested in trying out their Deliciously Soft Moisturising Cream, but because I nabbed myself a Cruelty Free Festival showbag that day, I also received a $5 voucher on my next order. Yep! I intend to grab myself the taster pack so I can get a taste of everything from their range.

Being a complete lip balm addict, their Deliciously Silky Lip Salve Trio also caught my eye. But because I wasn’t entirely sure about the Choc Mint flavoured one, I decided to just get myself the Peppermint & Vanilla one.

delicious skin deliciously silky peppermint and vanilla lip salve

And I don’t regret this purchase one bit. This Deliciously Silky Lip Salve is one of the seriously silkiest lip balms I’ve ever laid my hands on, and the vanilla and peppermint flavour is simply decadent.

Oh! And I also received a sample Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask in my show bag that I’ve yet to try, but I’m so excited to try it both as an exfoliating mask and as an exfoliating cleanser!

It contains natural clays which draw out impurities by magnetic charge when activated. It’ll be interesting to see how this one compares to the other clay masks which hold similar claims.

I am so glad I stumbled across Nicola Marie’s stall at the Cruelty Free Festival this year. The Delicious Skin products smell so good, and to know that they’re also Choose Cruelty Free certified is absolutely laudable. Woohoo!

So if you’re looking for a new natural skincare brand to try but don’t want to break the bank whilst doing so, then Delicious Skin is somewhere to start.

Credits to the Delicious Skin website for the featured image & the Deliciously Delicious Taster Pack

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