Dealing with my boyfriend’s psycho ex Part 2

November 16, 2014 Opinion
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As someone who doesn’t trust too easily, it was naturally quite easy for me to pick out the contradictory statements in the many emails we had received from my boyfriend’s psychopath of an ex.
Yes, yes I know it’s not fair to blatantly slap the psychopath/sociopath label on others. But oh! the slander and the excuses she fabulised when we caught her out on her lies were just so incredibly ridiculous, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

All I knew about her before her nasty emails and comments made at me on social media was that; she wrote a beauty blog, she prides herself as an ‘Eastern Suburbs princess’, and I guess the most important thing I knew was that her ‘relationship’ with my boyfriend was none other than one borne of sex and occasional companionship.

When the craziness started, I wanted so desperately to understand where all this hatred and bitterness in this woman came from. I kept catching myself wondering what had happened in her life that troubled her so much, to the point where she could justify within her own mind to emotionally attack someone she knew nothing about at all.

My mind darted from one reason to another, and soon enough, I was justifying her actions for her. I remember telling my boyfriend that I felt sorry for her, and that I had decided to forgive her for all the hurtful words she had written directly at me.

I was sitting on level 2 of UTS library, trying to finish my homework answers for auditing when I noticed that I was removed from the Facebook group for Australian beauty bloggers. I messaged the admin of that group to enquire the reasons, but I already knew the answer.

A few days later, I received a response from the admin who advised me that one of their ‘long standing members’ provided evidence of me cyberbullying her. Of course I knew it was my boyfriend’s beauty blogger ex, even when he decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I was stressed with mid-terms and deadlines for assignments coming up, along with the emotional abuse I was receiving from this girl whom I had never met. My boyfriend saw that it was time we finally wrote her an email to ask her to stop the hate speech as it got increasingly hard for me to deal with it.

Funnily enough, she smugly responded with an essay that was passed off as some sort of ‘public service announcement’ advising me to give up on beauty blogging altogether because everyone within the beauty community hate me because they knew about my ‘attitude’ towards her. Bitch please. If your head wasn’t so high up your arse, you would realise that if anyone had a shit attitude towards anyone/anything, it was you.

Anyway, I responded once again, requesting that the admin provided me with the ‘evidence’ along with the names of those who were involved in making the decision to remove me from the group. Why? Because I intended to seek legal help at this point because I knew this girl wasn’t going to stop attacking me however which way she could and it got so bad I eventually had to see a counsellor about her. A counsellor!

I’d never felt so shit in my life that I needed to see a counsellor, and I saw it as the only way I could openly talk to someone about my boyfriend’s secret that came of his open relationship with the crazy ex.

Needless to say, I never got a response from the admin of that group and armed with the new and objective advice from my counselling sessions, my mental wellbeing started to recover and it helped that she stopped writing to us for a while.

But then a little over a month later, she emailed again announcing that she too was removed the group. I can’t remember the exact contents of the email anymore, nor do I want to let those words reopen the wounds that are still healing slowly. It was basically all the same “waste of human life”, “scum of the earth”, “ugly heart” bullshit again.

Side note to the crazy: thanks for the “don’t shit where you eat” advice, but please, I think you need that advice more.

This has turned into such a long post. I guess I’m going to have to separate each crazy thing she’s done into their own posts. I don’t think they’ll be in chronological order, I just want to have these documented so that a few years down the track I’ll re-read this and LOL at how silly I was to be affected by this level of immaturity 😀

Because. Passing the buck for a decision she made on her own to abort her baby and inflicting psychological abuse on others for it is totally something mature and level-headed people do. Not!

Much love,

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  • Reply Susy December 4, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Holey moley. What kind of person with a right mind would even bother going through all that hassle!? She hasnt even met you!? Why has she gone all bat shit crazy. Don’t take aannnyytthinnggg she says to you personally. She sounds like she’s incredibly obnoxious, arrogant, jealous and immature.

    I hope that the sessions with the counsellor helped you immensely and that you don’t let this prevent you from doing things with your boyfriend in the future!

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