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May 25, 2013 Body Care Skincare

I’m an avid fan of all things that smell awesome. I absolutely love health and beauty products that have some sort of yummy scent to them, particularly lip balms. One of my closest friends from high school pointed out one day a long time ago that every time we skipped school to go shopping that I always end up going home with a new lip balm. Back in those days, I remember being so obsessed with the Softlips range because the Vanilla one just smelt so much like ice cream!

Since then, my lip balm addiction has been extended to include pretty lipstick  colours as well. So a few days ago, I promised myself I would try and control myself and scoot right on past the lip products when I found myself at Priceline or the local Chemist Warehouse. I’ve pledged to myself that I’ll try and finish the lip balms I already own before I consider another lip product purchase.

Ever since I started making my own money, I’ve been spending a little too much of my money on lip balms. One of my most recent unplanned purchases is The Body Shop’s Chocomania Lip Butter and it was the beginning of a string of other purchases from the Chocomania range.

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter

This is my favourite lip product of the moment. Why? It smells so irresistibly like hazelnut chocolate that I’ll pick it up and give it a sniff every time it turns up in my handbag, or if it’s left lying on my desktop at work or at home. Like all the lip butters from The Body Shop, this one gives a nice nude sheen to your lips. It’s so damn moisturising, and smells so tasty and it is the one thing I won’t leave the house without.

The only thing I don’t really like is dipping fingers into the tub to apply it on my lips. I’m a bit of a germophobe and I’m not really the cleanest person ever so lip products in tubs aren’t really my cup of tea. But because this one smelt so good, I’m really just going to look past how dirty my finger nails are. Ugh… Just going to stop thinking about that now.
The Body Shop Chocomania Body Lotion

The Chocomania Body Lotion was my second purchase from the chocolate range. I can’t find the words to describe how much I love this body lotion. I’ve tried so many different things from sorbelene to Bio-Oil to Dove’s Summer Glow self tanner (yeah I used it as a moisturiser, not for long though!) and everything just leaves a film of greasiness on my skin and I always end up hopping into bed feeling like a greasy potato fry :(

I love smelling like a chocolate block so much… I think it annoys my family that I always leave the bathroom smelling like chocolate. The only item I’m missing now in my bathroom is the shower gel 😀

The Body Shop Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub

My most recent buy from The Body Shop’s chocolate range is their Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub and this one smells strongly of a chocolate brownie. I’ve never owned anything besides the lip balms from The Body Shop so I wasn’t really that confident when I whipped out my card to buy this one. I thought this one was just a body scrub with little granules of walnut shell or something to act as the exfoliant. The first time I used it was when I realised that the exfoliating ‘beads’ were actually sugar granules that disappeared as I rubbed! Yeah, I’m a bit mindless like that. The scrub itself looks and smells so edible that they had to put a label on it stating that it’s unfit for consumption, which made me chuckle a bit.. hahaha!

I bought all three of these from the store at The Galeries on Pitt Street in Sydney. The girl recognises me because I’ve been there so many times to buy random products that I tell her every time that I don’t need. She gave a sample of the body wash from the Choco range as well, but I haven’t tried it yet because I’m scared I’ll go out and get it. Which, I probably will end up getting tomorrow before I go to study at uni.

I wanted to buy the lip butter a while ago but I was told that the chocolate range was only limited edition for Christmas or Valentine’s Day (I can’t remember). Then I went to visit The Body Shop again recently and the girl told me that they’ve brought the Chocomania line back indefinitely! I was over the moon… I freaking love chocolate.

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