chang’s 22nd birthday bash

March 26, 2013 Lifestyle

On the 23rd March, I attended Chang’s birthday feast at Medusa Greek Taverna on Market Street, near Town Hall. Anybody who know’s Chang-Bang would know that she absolutely loves her food, and would not give up a single opportunity to eat to her heart’s content.

We all had the set menu which was way too much for the group. In a group of mostly girls, its needless to say that most of the food had gone to waste. I can’t remember the exact names of everything, so I’m just going to dump the photos here and continue watching Project Runway!

delicious arne souvlaki

I chose the souvlaki!

I could definitely go for some of that souvlaki right about now… I’m salivating just looking at that meat. I missed both the birthday cake and the dessert because I went off to see the egghead one last time before he left for Hong Kong! But I would definitely go back there again, but not for the set menu because I swear my dress was going to burst.

I found out I was with Fitness First for 23 months. Makes me feel really bad because I haven’t been in a little over 3 months or whatnot. Time to join a new gym.. I just can’t believe they make you pay two more periods before they officially cancel your membership. Money-hungry whores!

Okay bye!


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