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January 15, 2014 Beauty Edits Make Up
benefit cosmetics show me the love kit

After meeting the boyfriend’s parents on a Saturday morning, I thought it would be a good idea to drop into the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique in Paddington whilst we were in the area. My bank account is still in shock because Australian prices for Benefit Cosmetics are actually almost double what other countries pay for the same items. That’s another story, for another day.

Additional to the Show Me The Love tin, I also picked up a new stick of Benefit’s FakeUp in 02 Medium because I was really struggling to use the very last bit from the bottom of my first stick. I was considering switching to a different Benefit Cosmetics concealer because I felt like FakeUp wasn’t quite hiding my horrid eyebags well enough. But after learning that Erase Paste and Boi-ing were more heavy duty concealers that many girls had bad experiences with (read: dry, flakiness), I knew I had to repurchase FakeUp to be safe.

Anyway, onto the Show Me The Love tin of Benefit’s best sellers we go!


I tried the baby version of the benetint from the Primping With The Stars kit that I bought on Boxing Day and fell in love with it instantly. There’s a reason why this is one of Benefit’s most heralded beauty product!

It’s the easiest lip thing any girl can have. For a few weeks now, I’ve teamed this benetint lip stain with the they’re real mascara, and a dab of the benetint on the cheeks for the most natural, no make up – make up look. Does that make sense? 😛

they’re real

There’s always been a lot of buzz around this mascara, and I was still just finishing off my Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara so I really didn’t bother going on the hunt for a new one. Again, I tried the mini version of this in the Primping with The Stars Kit along with the benetint lip stain for an au naturelle look.

It separates my lashes so well, very minimal clumps and holds a curl without having to curl your lashes! Say what?!

the POREfessional

This is the one product I have yet to try properly because I very rarely wear foundation, or a full face of make up for that matter. Sure, I still have my everyday eyeshadow, liner and mascara to go with, but I just haven’t really found the need to wear foundation everyday.

I’ll have to try this one over the next few weeks to really be able to comment on this one!


Stay tuned for more Benefit Cosmetics updates!

Much love,

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