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June 22, 2014 Beauty Edits
christmas in july with lush cosmetics 2014

For those who missed out on getting some good ol’ Lush Cosmetics Christmas goodies back in December, fear not! While I’m not completely sure whether or not Christmas in July is an annual thing, I’m immensely thankful that it is happening this year as I’m slowly… running out of my beloved Rose Jam shower gel!


##### UPDATE: I had the chance to pop into LUSH and grab myself so Christmas in July goodies :) So check out my new post if you’d like to find out more/see some photos!


While the Northern Hemisphere get to enjoy the traditional novelties of a cold, wintery Christmas, we Aussies get to celebrate the hot, blistering Summer sun down under. But who says we can’t celebrate Christmas again in our Winter months?! Not LUSH, that’s for sure! As they’re releasing ELEVEN Christmas goodies in the winter months. Check it out:

Rose Jam shower gel

This shower gel is one of my all time favourite LUSH shower gels, as it lathers so nicely on my skin. We all tend to take longer showers during Winter (or is it just me?), and this shower gel is probably one other reason for me to stand in the shower for even longer.

Rose oil and rose absolute, nourishing argan oil, goji berry juice and Sicilian lemon gives this shower gel a touch of luxury and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Oh and not to mention the scent! Abso-freaking-lutely amazeballs. I’ve already allocated a bit of my budget for July to a big bottle of this limited edition beauty… please don’t fight me at the counter for it! 😉

If floral scented shower gels aren’t your thing, you could try the bubblegum-y goodness that is the Snow Fairy shower gel (read on further to find out more about it).

Maple Taffy lip balm

This is the second item on my Christmas in July shopping list. I’ve mostly kept my lip balm addiction a secret, however… all it takes for anyone to discover it is just a dig into my bag. I guarantee you’ll be able to fish out 5-6 different lip balms at a time. Nope! Not ashamed of it at all.

Who doesn’t love a bit of maple taffy?! I’m already salivating at the thought of having this maple syrup flavoured lip balm on my lips.. can’t wait to taste it!

With toffee flavour and maple syrup, Japan and carnauba waxes combined with the power of extra virgin coconut oil: this is bound to be the perfect recipe for scrumptious lips.

Snow Fairy shower gel

This one’s a crowd favourite during Christmas time at Lush! I’m not much of a candy-scent type of girl, but there has to be a reason why these fly off the shelves during Christmas time each year, right?

It’s a powerfully sweet vanilla scent, and the small bottle I bought had iridescent blue, shimmery glitter in it. This is definitely one of those Lush shower gels you’ll need to try at least once if you’re a complete LUSH head like me! Although, admittedly it may not be for everyone.

It’s also one of several vegan products from LUSH, so those with an extra conscientious mind for animal welfare can enjoy the Lush Christmas in July love too!

Other Products for Christmas in July 2014

christmas in july lush cosmetics 2014

From left to right:

  • Angel’s Delight soap (vegan)
  • Bombardino bath bomb
  • Candy Mountain bubble bar (vegan)
  • Celebrate hand and body lotion (vegan)
  • Christmas Eve bubble bar (vegan)
  • Iced Wine shower jelly
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb (vegan)
  • Snow Showers shower jelly

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