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December 14, 2013 Beauty Edits
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Christmas or not, one thing’s for sure… and that is – I’ll always have a wishlist for shiny and new make up things to play with! Most of these are just the usual eye basics in all girls’ make up bags.. These are the top five items on my beauty wishlist!

my beauty wishlist


1. TheBalm – Schwing Liquid Eyeliner

I’m in dire need of a new liquid eyeliner because the one I bought from Hong Kong ran out. Schwing seemed pretty long-lasting when I swatched it on my hand at David Jones, but I’ll probably have to do a little more research online to see if it’s a worthy investment! It’s probably one of the blackest blacks I’ve seen in a long time in terms of liquid eyeliners. :) Do want!


2. Benefit – Fake Up

I’ve been using this one for a few months now and sadly I’m at the end of it’s tube. I’ll be doing a review soon, but in a nutshell – it’s worked out well for me! Medium coverage, with the moisturising serum of vitamin E & apple seed extract, rids me of fine lines and dark circles – hell yeaaah!


3. Urban Decay – Naked3

What better way to jump onto the Naked palette bandwagon than to have this rose-gold shimmer baby! Although I’m still undecided on whether I’d get more use out of the more neutral shades in the Naked2 palette… The balance between the rosey colours and the browns in the Naked3 are just screaming out “buy me!”. Argh… with a hefty pricetag to boot.


4. EcoTools – Essential Eye Set & Face & Body Sculpting Brush

I’ve been looking around for some good make up brushes that won’t break the bank and found EcoTools on iHerb to be my best bet. I’ve asked around, and some people say these almost match up to the quality of the Real Techniques brushes. This will probably be my next buy when my pay check comes in 😀

As for the Face & Body Sculpting Brush, I thought it would be nice to see how well it compares to the Nars Kabuki Artisan Brush No. 28 which ‘laurenbeautyy’ on YouTube has mentioned several times in the past.

5. Benefit – They’re Real!

My Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara (in the green tube) is also almost gone and there’s always been a lot of hype around ‘they’re real!’, so why not give it a go huh? Plus, who can say no to packaging as cute as Benefit’s (not me, that’s for sure!).

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