Australis Velourlips Review: Pigmented Matte Lip Creams

December 6, 2013 Lip Colour
australis velourlips lip cream

When I bought my first Australis Velourlips lip cream in Rio-D, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about the formula and found the colour a little unwearable. However, I’ve since went out and nabbed myself the other colours except the purple. You’ll find out why I decided to buy the other ones in this updated Australis Velourlips review! 😉

If you’ve read my previous Australis Velourlips review, you would have found that I was absolutely against purchasing the other colours because Rio-D was a little too cakey for me. But it only took a day of browsing #velourlips on Instagram for curiosity to hit me, and boy did it hit me HARD.

Anyways, enough nonsense! Here’s the brief run-down on each of the colours and what I think of them. Check out the swatches :-)

swatches of australis velourlips




wearing pa-ree australis lip cream

Behold! This is the oddball of the Australis Velourlips line because it’s the only neutral one. This nude lip cream is definitely not for everyone because the beige tones tend to wash out girls of many different complexions.

The Breakdown:

  • Beige toned nude
  • Applies smoothly
  • Not as cakey as the other colours

I can’t wear this one on its own because I look a little sickly. But I found that teaming them up with the other shades, albeit a little cakey, looks heaps wearable!


wearing maliboo australis velourlips matte lip cream

If Australis Velourlips existed in Barbie’s world, THIS would be her pick! Ma-Li-Boo is a daring, blue-toned pink. This colour is for the divas at heart because it just screams ‘drama’ to me!

The Breakdown:

  • Dramatic blue-toned pink
  • Good colour payoff
  • Doesn’t transfer as much as the others

I’m not too fond of fluorescent pink lippies so I generally dot it on my lips with the doe’s foot applicator and just dab it in to my lips with my fingers. I guess if the occasion rises, I will wear it in all its glory… but I’m just not that type of ‘make-a-statement’ kind of girl so I keep things a little more muted.


nycee australis velourlips

The name of this bold lip colour is definitely a nod to ‘The Big Apple’ of New York City! I find that it’s got a bit of a blue-undertone to it and it’s so perfect!

The Breakdown:

  • Perfect snow-white’s red
  • Kiss-proof! Also doesn’t transfer much
  • Soooo pigmented!

This is the one I wore to Taylor Swift’s RED tour in Sydney and it was just perfect! I’ve always been a little afraid to try red lips because of the yellow undertones of my complexion. But I found this one pretty easy to pull of!


rio-d australis velourlipsI’m putting this one here for completion’s sake, so if you want to read the first review I did for this colour, the link is at the top of this post!

This one can be a vibrant orange or a light coral, depending on how much product you apply. I didn’t like it the first time around, but after experimenting with it, I found that less is more (for me anyways).

This one definitely needs a bit more product to fully see the potential of the colour. Again, this is a fluoro colour that I need to blend into my lips to make it more everyday-ready. But that’s just me as one of the lazier girls that probably don’t want to spend too much time doing their make up each morning ;)!

I didn’t buy TOK-I-O (the purple) because I really didn’t see myself wearing it at all. But I’ve seen many girls pull it off perfectly, but it’s just not for meeeee! I’m so glad I gave these another chance, because these are just awesome!

Just a tip, though.. if you have dry lips, they will definitely show. I also found that using a bit of lip balm underneath helps with the application (just a touch though!!!).

YAY! Australis just proves that it doesn’t HAVE to cost an arm and a leg for a good matte lip cream!

Much love,

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  • Reply Hilda December 8, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog! Love it!! :)
    When I went to buy these at Priceline they sold out of most of the colours so I only have the purple! Haven’t tried it just yet though.

    • Reply Leann December 9, 2013 at 8:23 am

      <3 Hi!!! I don’t think I can pull off the purple, let me know how you go!!!
      :( Yeah, when I went to get the red one, they only had an unopened tester left (because they overordered) so I just bought that off them haha!

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