April 2013 Update

April 28, 2013 Lifestyle

Seeing as it’s been 14 days since my last entry, and it’s 3 days until May (inclusive) … I guess I should just do a wrap up of my month! It’s not like anything exciting happens in my life these days anyway, and if it does then I’ll most likely tweet about it!

I had my wisdom teeth removed on 24 April 2013 which has basically burnt a massive hole in my pocket. It’ll definitely take me a while to recuperate my savings again, in order to comfortably spend money on things that I love again (like lip balms and other things I have too many of). It cost me approximately $4000 AUD and here was the breakdown of how it came to be FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS:

  1. Hospital charges $1929 (+1.5% credit card surcharge) = $1957.935
  2. Anaesthesia $720
  3. Surgical removal of 4 x wisdom teeth $1400

So all up, it costed me $4077.935 some of which I still owe to my parents because I didn’t have cash on me to pay the hospital charges on the day. So yeah, here’s to living like a bum for the next month or two!

So that’s probably the one major event worth noting in the past two weeks besides the boy problems I’ve been having. But that’s a matter I don’t really want to deal with right now, not to mention boy problems usually work themselves out anyways. It’s not selfish to want to spend some time not attached to anyone, is it? Some people seem to disagree, basically throwing themselves into relationships they’re probably not ready for but alas, that is none of my business!

On a less sour note, I recently finished my L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette and I love it too much to find a replacement. I remember noting to my friend when we were exploring each section in the L’Occitane store in Pitt Street Westfield that this scent reminds me of Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom, a scent which my ex-boyfriend bought me one birthday. The L’Occitane (phonetically pronounced “lox- ee- tahn” for those who actually care to pronounce things correctly) one is definitely more pure and crisp in terms of scents. I absolutely love it, and I’ll probably stay loyal to it until I get sick of it.

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora EDT bottle

Smells of peonies, and i love it!

I have so many things to do, so much to save for. The first thing on my list would be to find a new gym to join because I recently cancelled my membership with Fitness First because all they ever did was leech money out of my bank account. I did mention that they made me pay an extra two payment periods (which amounted to two fortnights) before they’d remove me off their database right? Way to make an extra $84, even though I was with them for about 24 months now. I’m looking at Virgin Active, but also looking at Anytime Fitness because there’s one just around the corner from me. I certainly need to motivate myself to start making my own meals. Something else that would probably help is if I had the funds to buy myself some new gym gear, that would be a big motivator for me! Something like this:

Nike Gym outfit

I wouldn’t mind having these!

So that’s that for April. I also want to document how the Sukin Organics products are going, so I guess those posts are coming up. I also purchased two Korres lip balms from ASOS on impulse. I have an irrational addiction to lip balms… and I’m not afraid to admit it! Such on that!

And with that, I guess I’ll leave you with an old photo of my friend and I in her car on the way to a work Christmas barbecue on Blackwattle Bay.

girls with reindeer ears to christmas party

Say cheese!

Much love,

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