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December 26, 2014 Lifestyle
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I always brainstorm for a bunch of new year’s resolutions at the end of each year, but honestly, I never actually review them afterwards. So I never really know whether I’m sticking to them or not.

Oh well! At least I’m more self-aware, even if it’s for the brief hour or two while I’m writing them, right? I like to think the process itself ingrains those resolutions into my subconsciousness anyway. Heh heh!

But 2015 is going to be different, especially as a new grad! So I am setting my mind to really change a few things in life next year.

Though they may or may not apply to you, I still hope that your reading my resolutions will inspire you to set your own goals for 2015 or maybe even adopt a few of mine.

Be less indecisive

Being someone who tends to overthink, making decisions and sticking with one has always been difficult for me. I’m that person who will try and consider every single aspect of each option before I step out of my thinking bubble and just go with one.

It’s not that I can’t properly assess which option is better of the two (or three, or four..), but it’s because there’s always something that’s stopping me. That something usually tends to be convenience. I find myself asking, “which of these options is the easiest?”

Time to stop being so lazy!

Try (harder at) vegetarianism

I’ll admit that I’ve been having a hard time adapting to a completely vegetarian diet in the past 2 years. I’d last no more than a week, two if I really tried. But I am going to challenge myself to go vego for at least a full month!

I’m going to block out those idiots who have been nothing but discouraging, as if animal suffering is a joke.

Look, I’m aware that vegetarianism may not be suitable for everybody, but I will at least try. I think I’ll start by reducing the amount of meat I eat each week and see how my body reacts as I progressively reduce my meat intake. Or maybe go pescetarian… I need to decide! (see? Indecisive!)

Start creating more

Like I’ve said a million times, writing has always been my creative outlet. I stopped blogging for a while between last year and this year because of some delusional bitch, but I’m going to put that all to the back of my mind and just start writing consistently again.

I want to do a graphic design course to brush up on my photoshop skills, and learn how to create beautiful pieces of hand-lettered artwork, and perhaps I could tie in all the skills I learn and love into a business? Who knows!

Get fit

I know, I know. You’ve seen every single rendition of the above on every new year’s resolutions list you’ve come across. But I’m serious!

I didn’t just splash $69 for a yoga mat from lululemon just so it can collect dust our cupboard! Plus, seeing all the yogis I followed a few months back on my Instagram feed is a painful reminder of how quickly I ‘jumped off’ that bandwagon!

Let’s not even start with that gym membership that has been slowly burning a hole in my pocket for the past year or so… :(

Learn something new

For those who don’t follow my Instagram, I recently bought a compact system camera – a digital camera without the mirror! Chris then signed me up for a photography class, which I have yet to enrol into a class for…

So yeah, photography along with learning French, coding with Ruby on Rails, everything!

Start doing volunteer work

I have been keeping an eye on the media for any updates regarding gender-equality, human rights, animal rights and animal welfare in recent times so there are plenty of causes that I’d like to give my time to…

I want to feel like I’m making a difference, however small or big it is. I think there are many little things we can do to make a difference, the only thing stopping me is laziness (aka procrastination) and not knowing where to start!

Travel, travel, travel!

I truly regret not taking a gap year before/after/during my time at uni! I don’t just want to go lay by a nice pool, sipping on cocktails, soaking up the sun (although, those activities would be nice too) – I want to explore this world… you know?

I want to submerge myself in another country’s history and culture. I want to eat their cuisine. Their authentic cuisine be it from a 5 star restaurant or from a cart/hole in the wall in the nooks and crannies of a suburban street in a foreign country!

Thinking about travelling makes me feel so small in this world, in a good way!

Much love,

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